1. F

    gearbox oil change?

    howdoo i own a 2005 e280 cdi auto which i love.. recently gearbox been juddering under heavy acceleration ? so took it to local mechanic who rang merc dealership only to be told the 7g gearbox is lubed for life no need to change the gearbox oil ever!? doesn't sound right to me, are they...
  2. gigdesigns

    9G Auto Gearbox stays in 2nd gear when moving slowly

    I have a W205 with a 9-speed auto gearbox. One real niggle I've noticed is when I am crawling along very slowly, say up to a junction, the gearbox will stay in 2nd gear, even when I am doing 1mph. When I get to the junction and then decide to accelerate, I'll start to move forward but then it...
  3. AngryDog

    E55 engine and gearbox mounts

    How much are they from MB? Is MB the best place to get them? Thanks.
  4. S

    E320 CDI gearbox help please

    I have a 2007 E320 CDI 3.0 estate. I'm getting a dash message 'ESP system inoperable' regularly and there is a clonk at the gearbox which then doesn't change properly. If I switch the ignition off and on a few times it eventually works ok again, but that could be for 2 minutes or 2 days ...
  5. R

    Strange problem - engine or gearbox feels jerky

    Hi, Been having some problems with my 2013 model C250cdi coupe with the 7G tronic transmission. Firstly around a month ago, I left work on a hot day and as I pulled off the car park the car was really jerky at low revs. Lurching quite violently under acceleration from stationary. Kind of...
  6. J

    C63 Servicing (Gearbox Oil & Filter)

    Hi All, My 2014 C63 (standard) is up for a service and to maintain the extended warranty (purchased by the previous owner) I need to get it serviced by a main dealer. Whilst I'm reasonably happy to do this, they tell me that in addition to the standard service at £339 it also need the air...
  7. p2djx

    W212 - Gearbox Mode Selection

    Hi All, 2010 E350 CDi. As you know the gearbox has 3 modes, C, S and M. Comfort, Sport and Manual. The gearbox default seems to be C however I much prefer the S mode. Is there a way to change the default ? other than having to manually select S each time I get in the car ? :confused:
  8. D

    C Class 2006. W203. Gearbox issue.

    Hi guys, I've had the car a week and been amazed but today its been different. The MPG has dropped, its been slow to change gear and slightly jolting. i've checked service history and cant see a recent auto box oil change. Its done 112k. Any ideas of the cost? Seems a good plan. Anyone had...
  9. Dizz

    Worried/confused about gearbox noise

    I have had my 2004 CLK320 for about three weeks and on the test drive the automatic transmission made no noise and had very smooth gear changes and kick down. On about week two I noticed a feint speed related rubbing/chaffing sound coming from the gear stick/selector when slowing down and...
  10. FateSynchro

    W211 - E63, Gearbox issues - North East Specialist????

    Fellow AMGers My dads W211 E63 is having some random issues, it occasionaly gets stuck in gear and will only drop out of said gear when turned off and restarted. He said the EML came on once but has gone back off now. I have a scanner which i'll use this Friday, but i just wonderd if this...
  11. M.A.94

    Intermittent FAULT on 7G 722.9 gearbox

    Intermittent fault on a 7G gearbox that seems to be getting worse after it has been parked up for 2 weeks. The fault is that once you put the car in Drive if you try to go in to Reverse it will not go past Neutral so the only gears you can move between is Drive and Neutral. The only way...
  12. Railwayman

    Any recomendations for an auto gearbox repair shop in the Southend on sea area.

    Hello My son has a Kia Picanto and about 2 years ago the transmission started to slip and then failed. I managed to get it going again by draining and replacing the fluid, this has worked well until now.. Now it has thrown a check engine light with a P0741 fault code (Torque converter...
  13. C

    E Class 7g Gearbox update and reset cost

    Hi all, I have a 2012 E class coupe with 7g gearbox and its clunky when shifting at low speeds, i was going to get a gearbox software update and reset done as ive read that the procedure on the internet for resetting the gearbox yourself doesn't actually work. Has anyone had this done and how...
  14. G

    B200 CDi auto gearbox

    My 2005 B200cdi auto gearbox went into limp mode yesterday. After adding 250mls of fluid the fault went away. It is probably time to replace the fluid completely however I can't find anywhere how much fluid to put in the box if I drop all the old stuff. I have a dipstick but it's a universal MB...
  15. V

    New Member looking at SLK AMG 55 Gearbox Check

    Hi all My wife has always hankered after a older (2004-7) slk amg 55. And now lucky enough in a position to purchase one. We have seen a couple, very similar, read lots about service history, gear boxs etc and would just like a few tips on checking the 7 g gearbox. The Ines we have been...
  16. B

    M156 6.2 AMG engine, loom, ecu and gearbox wanted

    Anyone got this lot for sale? Someone possibly breaking a car? Will most likely need a few more bits as well.
  17. J

    E200 w212 2011 auto gearbox problem?

    Hi, I bought a 2011 E200 W212 in automatic. I love the car it is a great strong car and a pleasure to drive. However i have noticed that it is not as responsive as i thought it would be. I appreciate it is a big heavy car but when pulling away from a complete stop there is a noticeable...
  18. T

    E240 2003 2.6 Auto Estate Gearbox Problem

    Hello, I have a 2003 E240 2.6 Auto Estae. 90,000 miles One owner full merc service history from new. Just passed the MOT and now the gearbox is playing up. Once or twice a month it starts having a clunky gear change,then its fine again. I have had the code reads - Transmission place...
  19. G

    Gearbox specialist needed for Vito 722.6 box

    Hi guys, new to the forum, so go easy. My van, a 2007 Mercedes Vito 122 cdi crew van with a 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a 722.6 auto box, which I believe, has recently developed a fault whereby as it slows down and you don’t apply the brakes, there is a noticeable/ loud squeaking or squealing...
  20. AndrewOl

    X164 gearbox problems

    Hi, got a 2006 GL with150k on the clock. Lovely car in many ways but has speed sensor fault in gearbox. Question is: is it worth fixing or should I just move it on? Can drive it at the moment as fault is intermittent, but guess that it will get worse to a point where action is required...
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