1. M

    S211 gearboxes and s/c button?

    This may be a silly question but when looking at adverts can I tell if an e-class has the 5 or 7 speed gearbox by looking to see if it has an s/c button? Some cars seem to have the S/C button and some dont - is it an indicator that the car has the 7 speed box? thanks
  2. John

    7g Plus gearboxes.

    I was contemplating my first ATF change as knocking on the door of 40k. However, having read a recent post on here that 7g Plus gearboxes don't need a change for at least 75k, how can one tell if that gearbox is fitted? From what I've read, it appears the change happened in my car when...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Gearboxes

    I have a 2006 111CDi Vito with the usual first to second *Crunch* and my question is this.. Are the boxes from a 109CDi the same as the 111Cdi in respect of dimensions and ratios? I have the chance of getting a fully reconned box for buttons and its local to me so any help gratefully...
  4. J

    7g Gearboxes

    I've yet to start the oil change on my 7g gearbox but have had past experience of a R129 gearbox torque converter that had no drain plug. Apparently some did or didn't in my case.:confused: My present car is a 2004 500SL fitted with a 7 speed box (7g) Am I possible going to find the same...
  5. R

    722.5** gearboxes

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but have a long history with W124s. One of mine, a 95 E320 with a 722.504 had a total drive failure, forward and reverse, no slipping just stopped. I did some basic checks for torque converter noise, linkage and oil pressure, and then took it to a local specialist. He...
  6. Pitts Pilot

    7G gearboxes

    This is about the shi4y 7G gearboxes that Mercedes Benz-the-truth pass off as automatic transmissions. I'm not alone, there have been several threads on this Forum lately regarding jerky 7G transmissions, both the 722.6 and the 722.9. I started a thread regarding the occasional neutral I...
  7. 2

    Automatic gearboxes compatibility

    Hello. I need a new 7g gearbox for my w209 clk 320 cdi. My question is if a 7g gearbox from a w221 s class 320 cdi, w211 e 320 cdi... Would be compatibles
  8. S

    W202 Gearboxes

    Hello new to this forum, i've got a C220D 1996 Manual, i've already replaced the gearbox in it last year because it was popping/not going in gear at times. After 10/20k miles on the 2nd hand replacement box, i can feel the gearstick moving when in third, moving backwards trying to come out of...
  9. Beardz


    First of all please excuse my ignorance in all matters oily! I have an E320 CDi V6 estate. My question is - Is the gearbox generic to the engine or the vehicle/model? If it is generic to the engine is £695 a reasonable price for a second hand box?
  10. Buggerlugs

    WTD: Yer old knackerd auto gearboxes

    Adverts are not allowed for Business ventures???
  11. reflexboy

    Who can explain gearboxes to me?

    In a nutshell, can anyone explain the difference and which one is 'better' between Audi's Tiptronic and Multitronic boxes? Thanks Sunday folk:D
  12. T

    workings of automatic gearboxes

    Am haxving a lot of trouble with my automatic gearbox (v230) can anyone explain too me the purpose of the torque converter, oil pressure and any other technical shit I might be baffled with through my mechanic and mercedes #thanks tommy
  13. V

    Auto gearboxes - again!

    About a month ago I had my atf changed by a local (non Mercedes) garage. They did not use genuine fluid or a new filter. The box is a 5 speed version with S & W settings, and is in my 1998 E240 which I love. . I had believed the box was poorly, as it changed jerkily, and often went into limp...
  14. W210 Fan

    Manual gearboxes - I have the knowhow

    New to this forum, new to owning mercs, love my 210 to bits, just run in at 160K, need to ditch the 230 for an E55 asap, I love the size and power of it. Anyway I had the car totally lock up in a car park recently which I traced to the plastic detents (stops you selecting two gears at once)...
  15. Howard

    Never any manual c230k gearboxes on ebay...

    Then a load come together ...... Heres another one, I know you've got yours now Graham, but it just goes to show, they are out there. .....
  16. L

    ML manual gearboxes

    I was interested to read about MB reliability. After many years of Japanese reliability, I bought a new ML 2.7CDI with manual gearbox only have to fail it (jumping out of 1st gear) in under 400 miles. Is this a record?
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