1. W

    210 gearing

    Just got back from summer holidays in France in the 210. Had plenty of time to study the on-board computers displays (43 hours driving in 2 weeks - and not one traffic jam!) and am confused about something. At a steady speed of 70 MPH (using cruise control) the engine turns about 2600...
  2. jeremy156

    Gearing - up-changes are later than I'd expect

    I've just moved from a V6 petrol E320 (W210) to a I6 diesel E320 (W211). In the old petrol car, the revs were always low around town, idle at 600rpm, gentle acceleration from standstill would see it drop into second at around 1200-1500rpm, all very very relaxing. Naturally with a bit more...
  3. Simon

    Mercedes C-Class(W202) Wiper Gearing

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