1. EDDIE12

    507 c63 gearknob

    Hi, I've got a brand new genuine 507 C63 AMG gearknob and alcantara shifter boot. Am looking for £210.00 delivered
  2. T

    AMG 507 Gearknob brand new W204 C-Class

    Brand new never fitted. Original AMG Edition 507 lever shift knob of the C 63 AMG Edition 507 in black microfiber DINAMICA, with bright contrasting topstitching and AMG chrome coat of arms and embossed for your Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG. Notes: original Mercedes-Benz / AMG Edition 507 optics...
  3. J

    Wanted: Mint condition 5 speed gearknob for a W245 B Class (or one off a W169)

    As titled, looking for a mint condition gearknob for my wife's W245 B150 (5 speed manual). Her's has become chipped. If it comes with a gaiter, all the better for fitting easily. I believe a W169 A Class gearknob will be exactly the same. Thanks!
  4. M

    WANTED: 124 Walnut or Sportline Gearknob & Boot Carpet

    Afternoon all. As above really. My existing walnut gearknob has become increasingly threadbare and therefore a bit wobbly! I'm after one which is of a darker walnut to match the interior of my facelift E320. Not great pics, but it must be like this one: Alternatively, I wouldn't mind...
  5. Feeble

    C43 AMG gearknob...

    I have an aftermarket gearknob in my C43, and it has seen better days. It seems like the genuine C43 gearknob is very hard to find, so I'd like to know what other genuine AMG knob I could fit? I really like the C63 AMG 507 one, and would consider spending the money on it if I could be sure that...
  6. D

    Gearknob to fit W203 C180K (Manual)

    Hi, I'm in need of a replacement gearknob for my manual W203 C180K. Preferably a Mercedes part. Not sure if I can PM yet, so please reach me on Thanks.
  7. D

    W203 Gearknob Removal (Manual)

    Hi chaps. I'm in the process of tidying up my W203 C-Class coupe that I purchased a month ago. To cut a long story short, the gearknob is severely flaking; so much to the point that it's actually cut my left hand a few times from using it. I've had a search on here and the net and I'm...
  8. ss201

    Rare Manual Sportline gearknob with gaitor

    Extremely hard to find in very good condition Mercedes Sportline leather gearknob | eBay
  9. 1

    Cosworth gearknob

    Hi all, as stated I'm after a 190e cosworth dog leg gearknob. Fingers crossed Cheers jack
  10. 300CE

    Another sportline leather gearknob

    They're like buses at the moment, although this is the first one i've seen with the gearing indication: MERCEDES BENZ 190E 190 W201 SPORTLINE LEATHER GEARKNOB W124 | eBay
  11. N

    WTB: 5 speed gearknob for 190E 2.3 16V

    I need a genuine 5 speed leather gearknob fitted to stick in good condition for a 190 2.3 16V. It must be complete with black leather cover for centre console. Anyone have a spare, please let me know.
  12. E

    Part Number for C Class gearknob

    Can anyone with access to EPC look up the part number for the latest 2012 c class gearknob please. I have a 2008 but the plastic silver gearknob has faded where I tend to rest my hand and I like the leather trimmed one better. I think the latest model has a black gearknob trimmed with leather...
  13. Alps

    SL65 gearknob and carbon surround

    whats the verdict, I posted up in my gallery but forgot you cant reply! alot more updated look although subtle
  14. Ammar

    E36 gearknob

    I have just bought an E36 AMG W124 coupe 1996 :banana: . The gear knob looks pretty worn and was hoping to find another original to replace. It is the original gear knob with E36 indented across the top. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone? Thanks in advance Ammar
  15. cellarmerc

    6 speed manual gearknob replacement expensive!

    Hi, I wanted to change the very worn gearknob on my W210 CDI220 Est. Classic 6 speed manual. The Mercedes dealer in Valencia wants 150euro plus vat (I think it comes with the faux Leather trim too) . Its extorsion, even the chap in the parts dept. everyone complains about the price. Anyone know...
  16. N

    Schaetz gearknob

    cool gearknob is it any good and does the pattern match the fake CF trim on C43? it's a steep price on this gerknob, is it because it's having genuine caron fibre wrapping? Gear knob carbon fibre/ chrome Automatic gearbox W202 C Class carbon fibre interior trim, carbon fibre mercedes...
  17. B

    CLK mats and gearknob for sale

    I have for sale a full set of genuine mercedes black carpet mats (non ribbed)almost new, with the silver mercedes benz badge. Im asking £25.00 plus p&p, I also have a wooden gearknob that matches the wood in a W208 CLK, it has the mercedes benz emblem on the top in gold again in as new conditon...
  18. 5

    Releather Gearknob?

    Hi all, I wanted to get the gearknob on my MR2 replaced or re-leathered... It's abit tired and being a full leather part it has taken some wear. Anywhere I can get it done for cheap? Regards.
  19. cellarmerc

    Need help with gearknob removal E class w210 6 spd man.

    Hi, I´m in trouble, I tried to remove the gearknob by twisting it anticlockwise, there was a crack and now rotates, its loose but obviously doesnt screw off. I need to know how to reove the knob and how the plastic shroud below it features in this.Have I broke it ? I bought a new leather gear...
  20. M

    Can i fit a newer Gearknob to a W211???

    Was in the mercedes garage and the Newer W211 have a alot nicer gearknob fitted to them. would i be able to fit the newer gearknob to the My car which has the older style knob? Many thanks Jav
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