1. R

    Should 4matic change gears at much higher revs?

    Hi all, I'm not a petrol head so apologies if I get my terminology wrong. We recently bought a 2014 GLA 220 4matic, It was raining heavily the other day and I thought it was an opportunity to try the 4matic mode for the first time. I found it changed gears ( at least 1 to 4) at pretty high...
  2. Peter Michaels

    Location of brakelight switch? Gears stuck

    Thank you for any help in advance Vehicle 2002 C Class T wagon 220 CDI Avantgarde diesel. KN52ZPD Gears stuck in second gear during driving When car is stationary it only gets from Driving position into neutral That is with the engine running. When I switch the engine of and then on again I...
  3. L

    Losing automatic gears

    I have a Mercedes 413cdi motor home with an automated gearbox. It has stopped working on automatic and only drives on manual. It was an intermittent problem but always corrected itself but now only driving in manual gears. Where would the gear oil filler be? Any suggestions as to what the fault...
  4. N

    7G+ gearbox holding gears

    Hi guys Sorry for the very long post but I'm hoping someone can help me out with gearbox issues I am having. This all started a few months ago when I sent my w212 e250 into a Mercedes specialist for a service and automatic gearbox fluid change. I had previously done some research into the...
  5. P

    Automatic gears failing?

    Hi, My auto A170 was doing something quite odd today, I was driving along fine for 30 odd mins until I slowed down at a junction and pulled away, the gears started juddering and loosing power, it's as though the thing was in neutral. Pressing down on the accelerator only sent the revs high but...
  6. D

    ml270 automatic not shifting gears up or down

    hi all I have an ml270 128k miles which is running fine, kick back works/no smoke etc etc but it has suddenly stopped allowing you to manually shift up and down the gears About twice a month it will go into a limp mode and I just turn it on and off then its good again, driven every day so...
  7. Aibonator

    C63s W205 Cluncky Manual Gears

    When it's cold and in manual gears either in comfort or sports+ the gear changes are smooth. After a while when the engine warms up the third to forth gear is really clunky. Feels like it's being slammed in and the car jolts forward slightly. Switch back to auto and it's smoothly through all the...
  8. Stevie1982

    C63 manual shift down 2 gears

    So although there are a few c63 gearbox threads around this is a specific question as I'm a little confused and wondering if I'm missing something so, When in sports plus driving at say 50-60 and the gearbox is in 6th or 7th with a slight press of the accelerator pedal and it will drop to...
  9. J

    C63 (2012) Gearbox dropped to neutral whilst driving and wouldn't engage gears

    Hi Folks, Driving home late last night in my (new to me) C63, when coming down to a roundabout (at normal speeds, not spirited at all) i double tapped the down paddle to drop down a gear or two, i think i was in 3rd or 4th at the time - the gearbox then seemed to (whilst showing D for drive...
  10. G

    E55 won't shift gears

    This is on behalf of a friend who has recently purchased a 1998 E55 with 156k miles. Sometimes the box simply refuses to shift and despite a recent fluid and filter change it continues to play up. Initially I suspected the electro plate but switching off and restarting doesn't cure it. Also no...
  11. Aletank

    Flappy Paddle Gears - Who Uses Them ? (poll)

    I've spoke to a few Mercedes owners who when telling me about the features their car has, tell me in a rather excited voice/face - It's got Flappy Paddle Gears ! I then say have you ever used them or do you use them ? Their replay has always been - oh no :confused: To be honest it's not...
  12. D

    600 SEL 722.4 gearbox flaring between 2nd and 3rd gears

    Hi everyone, Another little niggle for which I hope your collective wisdom will have an answer: When cold, the gearbox in my 600 has started flaring on the 2/3 shift. By flaring, I mean that instead of revs tracking as follows: 0-2500/shift point-1000 I witness 0-2500/shift...
  13. M

    Auto box problem, w202, crunchy gears

    Hi all, I drove up to Doncaster at the weekend, and as usual the car and auto box Drove the 270 miles smoothly and faultlessly. When I got there, I had to park on a bumpy field which has broken something in the gear box. Now when I start the engine, in P it sounds rough. Reverse doesn't...
  14. S

    c180 saloon 57 plate petrol randomly won't change up gears.

    Hi people, When I place the car from startup in to D from P it shudders, and I drive it remains in the lower gear an won't change up. I have stopped the car the issue remains when I start the car up. Only when the car shudders (gear movement) does the issue occur. Has anyone come...
  15. P

    W211 sticking gears auto

    Hi This happens more on first start up when engine/gearbox oil is cold. When put in D it's not a smooth change and the car gives a jerky type reaction if that makes sense, happens less once car is warm. My aim is at some point to change the gearbox oil, currently is there any way of...
  16. S

    W211 e220 - holding onto gears when cold normal?

    Hi guys I've had my W211 E220 (2008) for a few weeks now and have noticed first thing in the morning when cold the car stays in lower gears longer before shifting, once it's warmed up it upshifts quicker and also feels a bit smoother, is this normal? My first automatic car so have nothing to...
  17. Reggie-rock

    Do you manually change gears with your auto transmission?

    A lot of us on here have auto transmission and also can manually change up/down but I rarely find a use for it, or is this just me? Maybe some boy-racers use it to hold on to the lowest gear until the revs reach their limit which could have a use for rapid overtaking maybe.
  18. Deane x

    Lost all gears when accelerating hard up hill

    Hi I have bought a s class 500 L w220 as had to sell slk because my babe has arrived, the car has been fine apart from it seems to lump it to gear when I put it in drive , not really bad but a little bit , but then yesterday I was driving quite hard testing her out and I accelerated hard up a...
  19. D

    slapping in the gears

    Hi I have a 98 w 202 I have a problem with my drive train I think! I'm getting a shuddering in the clutch when moving off and also separately getting a slapping when changing gears and dabbing the accelerator gearbox coupling maybe! any advice??
  20. M

    Winding sound in gears

    C220 2003 Mercedes I noticed a slight winding sound when going up the gears (automatic) Could anyone please help as to what this could be?
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