1. N

    Gearstick cover - any idea how to remove?

    Hi all I have a replacement part for the damaged gearstick cover on my CLK200 55 plate Kompressor, except im not sure how to remove and replace? Any ideas? See pic below in respect of the part im looking to sort. Cheers Neil
  2. 300CE

    Mercedes * Sportline black leather gearstick * E-class w124 gear stick lever

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  3. C

    Help Please! Auto gearstick gone loose

    Just put the car back in to 'park' and something pinged, sounded like a spring breaking. Now the shifter is loose in the gate, I assume it just needs a new spring. Problem is I cannot see how to remove the plastic gate that surround the stick to access the broken spring, can anyone please...
  4. S9KSY

    How to: Replace w124 gearstick light bulb

    Step #1 Turn ignition to the "on" position to be able to...
  5. C240Sport97

    Keyless GO button on gearstick

    Is it supposed to be lit? I seem to remember seeing pictures of the button being lit, but the Keyless GO button on my CLS55 is not lit. Thanks.
  6. B

    gearstick stuck in park postion

    i have a clk230 w208 model automatic,ater starting up car ,it sometimes wont move from park to drive.can anybody advise on a possible cause/remedy:dk:
  7. C

    2002 SL500 panel removal around gearstick

    Somebody removed the bluetooth phone unit from my car before I bought it but the snapped the lugs that hold down the rear edge of the fancy wood-effect trim panel that holds the gearstick gaiter and various switches etc between the seats. The glovebox lid keeps it in generally the right...
  8. A

    Still looking for a new gearstick...

    Ok i know i've moaned about this before and i do apologise if it seems like i'm opening the same threads again, but i'm doing it because i'm still unsure about fitting. I was just about to buy an ebay one...
  9. A


    I've been searching round now for a new gearstick to replace my old, ripped, (and leaking some disgusting sticky stubstance) old gear stick. To replace mine with the exact same one (which looks crap to be fair) is 113 quid from the dealers... I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a good...
  10. NW_Merc

    Gearstick shaft adapter

    Where is the best place to get a hold of a shaft adapter for a pre-facelift W202?
  11. S

    gear-stick stuck

    I've a 02 ML270 auto that won't go into REVERSE or PARK. Gearstick seems to be stuck. It will start in NEUTRAL and will move in DRIVE, but I can't reverse it and I can't get the keys out of ignition because it won't go into PARK. Anyone experience this problem and any ideas? Cheers, Sil.
  12. Iyse

    Removing manual gearstick

    I want to remove the tray above the gearstick in my W202, but it requires the removal of the facia where the manual gearstick is. How do I remove the gearstick cover so I can remove the facia?
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