1. E

    W211 Aux Battery - AGM? Gel? Conventional?

    The frost seems to have finally done for my 2004 W211's convenience battery. Time for a new one, but is it worth spending extra for a fancy AGM or Gel battery, or should I just stick with an A2115410001?
  2. F

    Spider cracks in gel coat of skirt.

    Noticed a few very fine cracks in one of my fiberglass skirts on my 209, could these be cleaned out with thinners (scored with a Stanley knife?) and filled with touch up paint, then sanded down and compounded after a few days, or is that just too easy to be true?
  3. V

    Can't gel with the C63....

    Had my 204 facelift C63 for a few months now and for some reason can't gel with it... Not sure why but a few annoyences I have are, Ride too harsh in Edin roads (running 19" wheels) Auto box can be frustrating At even 75% throttle can't get traction in 1st gear and rarely in second...
  4. Pitts Pilot

    Seat Gel Pads improve comfort!

    I had a gel pad installed in the drivers seat base today, and what a difference to the comfort! The SL's seats have never been that comfortable, IMO, and after various attempts to cure the problem with foam cushions, I turned to a professional car upholsterer. I went to C E Moore in north...
  5. S

    Is 230SL reg GEL 111 D known

    I am trying to trace a 230 SL in white was green reg GEL 111 D last known in the Croydon/Purley Surrey area. I have old photos of car and some very early history of the car and what it was used for when owned by another motor company in the 60s. please PM or call me Dave Jell 07860 424890 with...
  6. A

    Black gel Behind LCD screen in cluster

    I stupidly bought a Merc W203 with a damged LCD screen in the instrument cluster thinking I'd get it replaced/fixed on the cheap. Having a go at fixing it myself I opened up the cluster unit to discover the LED lights behind the cracked LCD display which had the ribbon connecting to the unit cut...
  7. Jukie

    Clarins shaving gel

    Got 3 available. PM me if interested. David.
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