1. G

    My genius handheld by dimsport

    Used once Used to load and unload and store the map on you mercedes Cost nearly 200.00 new Looking for 100.00 plus shippibg
  2. B

    DIMSPORT My Genius For Sale

    Any members that are looking for a My Genius I have mine for sale: DIMSPORT MYGENUIS MERCEDES AMG C63 MAPPING TOOL | eBay
  3. R


    There are some seriously talented people out there:
  4. v8sam

    My Genius by Dimsport OBD11

    Bought from Eurocharged OBD11 programming tool for my C63 amg to remove the remap when the car is serviced. Can be used for other vehicles. will need to be programmed for your car. Excellent condition £100 Collect only from Middlesex
  5. N

    Ebay: Dealing with a genius here.

    Looking to buy some Odeon cinema vouchers on ebay sell for about 4 quid a pop. Most sellers include in their listing an expiration date by which the voucher must be used. One seller has not so I wrote to ask when the vouchers expire. Me: How long is the ticket good for? When does it expire...
  6. Gledsyc63

    My genius obd for sale new

    My genius obd £150 including postage
  7. poormansporsche

    Break out the 3 legged dog - genius !

    I may be a old cynic but how can you compete with that ! Deserves the quarter of a mil just for the sheer slyness of it. Although truth be told we did quite like the act :)
  8. PhilDR

    EuroCharged My Genius Programmer offer

    Hey guys, we are having a stock clear out before we move into our new unit in January... We currently have 2x My Genius Handheld programmers for NA63 cars Normal price is circa £500+ we are selling the at £399 If you want them with Eurocharged Tune they are normally £1100+ We are selling...
  9. mirras

    Today I met a genius....

    Well, Apple's definition of genius. I now know why Apple has so many loyal followers, my iPhone developed issues with the lock button ( only worked when pressed on one side ) and the camera ( occasional pink interference from camera module ) . I showed him the button failing, the pink from the...
  10. neilz

    Genius or pointless?

     Tech videos, Gadget reviews, Latest technology news | MSN Tech & Gadgets UK SoloWheel - what do you think?
  11. A

    Marketing Genius

    Ok shoot me down in flames if you have to, but I genuinely laughed at this video several times over: YouTube - Turbobandit Mercedes 300CE Turbo 0.9 bar Playground :ban: Made by the guy who originally did this to his own merc: YouTube - Mercedes Benz Turbo 1,5bar DYNO 650Hp :D...
  12. dvb247

    Need an AMG genius in NorthWest - Cheshire

    Can someone help me get in contact with someone that can solve a flat spot or hiccup with my car. As you all can see it's not standard, Kleemann are down south, MB was a classic case of "sorry, computer says no" well, close, the star system showed no faults!!! Symtom pull away very slow...
  13. Koolvin

    MBenzNL - The genius that is...

    Thanks to miro for sharing. stationary heater, distronic, heated and vented seats with dyanmic, facelift nav and cluster, keyless go, folding and dimming mirrors with memory, automatic transmission fitted, AMG brakes, w209 interior etc :eek: :rock: iYKrGjHzzXI
  14. S

    The creator of this Video is a total genius Sorry if its been posted before. Alex.
  15. Chattonmill

    Alfie or any other comand genius!!

    I have a W211 Estate 2003 with Comand 2.2. It comes with the Tv Tuner and Dvd options. A couple of things I would like to do...... 1) I have a Digital tv tuner that I would like to use through AV leads. 2) Use and MP4 player through the Comand system via AV leads 3) Install rear headrest...
  16. W210 Fan

    pure tack or pure genius? in a black 126 with black leather?
  17. saorbust

    Irish Search Engine - Genius
  18. classicsl

    the genius of women

    A Woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the woods. She went into the woods to look for it and found a frog in a trap. The frog said to her, "If you release me from this trap, I will grant you three wishes." The woman freed the frog, and the frog said, "Thank you, but I failed...
  19. Iyse


    I was in halfords today looking for a job (might as well), and I got to talking to this guy that works there who I always see when I go in for a look around. He asked me about my system, how it was going etc. and I said it was great and asked about his. Now, this may seem obvious to many of...
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