1. 1

    Hello, please be gentle!

    Thought I would say 'hello'. Long tem Mercedes owner and fan. Have a 124 E220 estate in Almondine with Mushroom cloth. Has A/C and Cruise, both essentials for me. Joined to ask a couple of questions and see if I can answer some too. Live in Cornwall and go to Mercedes-Benz O/C stuff...
  2. Martin 1

    Newbie-be gentle.

    Hiya folks, not an owner yet but looking for a CLK w209 convertable. I'm hoping for some guidance. Any thoughts please ? Martin.
  3. N

    I'm new be gentle...

    Hi I'm feeling the very necessary urge for some v8 rumble in my life and having 2 biggish kids I'm looking at an E class to fill the gap. I've done endless searches for e55 vs e63 reviews but none seem to scratch any deeper than a tyre shredding drag race. I've heard from friends that the...
  4. G

    Newbie be gentle

    Hi guys/girls just purchased my c280 sport estate and done a few mods already,hoping to get some advice from you lot as and when needed. jumped over from the VXR forum,my last motor was a modified Vectra vxr estate. so far very impressed with merc,totally different power delivery to VXR and...
  5. G

    New here - Be gentle!

    So after 13-14 years of driving Honda's (and a BMW), I've joined the world of the 'Benz'. My car history:- -88 CRX 16v -89 CRX siR VTEC -96 Integra Type-R Import -02 BMW 330i -05 Honda S2000 And last week I put a deposit down on a 2012 C63 Coupe (Edition 125), with 16k on the clock, obsidian...
  6. H

    Hi - new member req advice so be gentle please :D

    Hi everyone, Just bought a 55 plate w203 deisel saloon and love it apart from the poor fuel economy compared to my old BMW Compact & Mondeo which used to give me 50 & 42mpg compared to the c classes 30 driving like Miss Daiseys driver !!! Now i'm aware that I don't work too far from work...
  7. C

    Whistling under gentle acceleration

    I've just bought a 1999 w208 clk320, and ive just noticed (presumably thanks to the windows down weather) that under acceleration, the car makes a very noticeable whistling noise. It stops if I accelerate harder, and if I take my foot off, it is most noticeable when using just enough gas to...
  8. B

    A gentle start

    Hi all. Now I'll start with an apology in case I have put this in the wrong place. I'm sure that someone will move it if I have. Now for some help please. I have a 02 R170 SLK 230 which was bought for the wife. When the interior lights are switched on they stay on. I have checked the door...
  9. dktom

    Hi I'm a newbie so be gentle with me !

    I have driven lots of safe Estate cars, a Mondeo, Cavalier, Peugeot 405 Renault Laguna - both not so good, two Passatts, one before my A6 and one after. To be fair I fancied a change and Mercedes caught my eye as the contact hire rates were very good, and the look and the marque of the cars has...
  10. R

    new to here and new to mercs so be gentle!

    afternoon all not long got my self a w202 c250-td with the correct man gearbox thought id sign up on here as im sure theres a wealth of know how mercs my every day car but also have a couple of e30s and a early lancer gsr project rich
  11. B

    Noob Alert: Be gentle with me!

    Hello, I'm Brian, I'm 47, live and work in Worcestershire and have realised a long-held desire in buying my first Benz, a 1994 W124 E200 Automatic. To say I'm pleased with it is something of an understatement. It's not perfect (that picture flatters to decieve somewhat) but it's very very tidy...
  12. trapperjohn

    Gentle Words of Caution. 124'S

    Every now and again you know you have to do some routine maintenance of a more than the normal kind, even to these noble beasts. So up for change were the rear subframe bushes both fore and aft of my 124 Estate. I may add that the milage is now around 227K and this car works for a living. So...
  13. B

    Be gentle.....

    Hey guys My 2nd post (1st was intro.) I have just bought my first ever Merc although I fancied one for many years. It is (or will be when it gets here) a 1998 C250TD Elegance Estate. It is dead at the moment but that won't stop me! I have bought it silly, silly cheap and as far as I know it...
  14. F

    I'm back,please be gentle!

    :bannana: Well it's almost 20 years since I last had a MB.(See the pic of my last MB) I collect my "new" one (Actually a W210) in the morning.I hope my visits to this forum will be welcoming & informative. I just hope my new MB is as good as my old one. p.s. In the intervening years I've mostly...
  15. portzy

    A gentle breeze?. NOT!

    Crikey, anyone else becoming all wound up with this bit of a blow?. My neighbours wheely bin just narowly missed my SLK :eek: so Ive stuffed it into his bushes (bin that is) and my roof tiles are fair rattlin'. Portzy.
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