1. R

    RIP George Michael

    Ex-Wham singer George Michael dies - BBC News
  2. grober

    RIP George Martin the 5th BEATLE

    The death announced today of George Martin the legendary Beatles record producer aged 90 . Produced their first hit single and the rest is popular musical history RIP.
  3. grober

    Sir Nicholas George Winton RIP

    We inevitably tend to focus on media personalities when they die but the passing of certain other individuals is worth a moment's pause. I refer to Sir Nicholas George Winton who died at the grand old age of 106 this week. He was the moving force behind the evacuation of 669 Jewish...
  4. K

    Hello anyone know about this E55 at George Kingleys Essex

    Mercedes-Benz E Class E55 AMG Kompressor - SAT NAV - SUNROOF - BIG SPEC 2003/53 | eBay Looking at this car, anyone know about it? Regards.
  5. brucemillar

    Concert for George

    New unopened still sealed. £30 on eBay £20 to a member. Nice Christmas gift. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. mercmanuk

    numatic george kit 026a 3in1 vacuum cleaner

    numatic George 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner kit 026a used once to shampoo 2 car seats then washed out reboxed and sat in garage. most attachments still wrapped,never used as a hoover. this is a true all in one cleaner.gets very good write-ups. totally as new,you can only tell its used because I'm...
  7. grober

    George Jones RIP

    Died today at the age of 81 George Jones perhaps last of the old country crooners. As close to old country royalty as it gets--- complete with alcoholism failed marriages etc his style influenced and was admired by a generation of up and coming country stars of today...
  8. N

    Today is St George's Day.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

    Thanks George Osborne !

    As of April 1, 2014 , cars registered before January 1, 1974 will qualify for free VED . Thereafter the age related exemption will be revised annually. SORN declarations will now be open ended , no need to renew it on an annual basis. Must say I am pleased my car will qualify for the tax...
  10. grober

    George Lucas in Love

    Just watched this on the Scifi channel- genius. for Star Wars fans everywhere.;) Kwuh-9ciCpI
  11. C

    George Fraser Garage

    Been out of the UK for nearly 9 years and have just returned. I remember around the time I emigrated, George was the main man in London and the surrounding area if you had an issue with your Merc. I recall reading countless posts on forums and when members had an issue the solution was "give...
  12. verytalldave

    George Daniels dies

    If you are passionate about watches and timekeeping, then yesterday marked the end of an era. George Daniels CBE MBE, master horologist died. World famous for inventing the co-axial watch escapement, the first major advance in mechanical movements for over 250 years. RIP George. His website...
  13. M

    George Baker, RIP

    Actor George Baker died yesterday, aged 80.
  14. M

    George Webley, RIP

    Just 53 years old. Even if you don't recognise the name, you'll know his work. A8li7NZMjqE
  15. Godot

    St. George's Day

    Perhaps our Country is past it's prime & tries to punch above it's weight sometime & although I have Foreign Father, I feel proud to be English. The Welsh, the Scots & the Northern Irish seem to be getting a degree of "own government" I do feel the English get let down quite a bit. So St. George...
  16. grober

    For All George Formby fans.

    Here's something to brighten up your day! Her name is Sophie Madeleine ------George Formby eat your heart out !;) 2B96wv6Tfmg;)
  17. del320

    St George's Day.

    Am I missing something? Shouldn't all you Limeys be out and about today wiv yer St George's Cross tee-shirts and cargo shorts, knotted hankies on the bonce and a pint of whelks washed down with some nice warm 1% ABV beer? I mean, up here in Scotchland, 30th November can't be allowed to...
  18. Gucci

    George Bush nearly assassinated... by a shoe

    George Bush has shoes thrown at him Political? Nahhh, just funny...couldn't see on YouTube at time of posting, but on BBC website. His last trip to Iraq touching
  19. S

    Happy Birthday mw c32 (george)

    As it says happy birthday
  20. C43AMG

    George Fraser, Wembley.

    I am also a member of the The Mercedes Club. In this month's Gazette a fellow member had occasion to write this letter. " Regrettably i must advise you of an unsatisfactory experience we received at the hands of George Fraser (London) Ltd, a company listed in "The Good Garage Guide"...
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