1. T

    What Germans think of American cars

    This is my favourite Yank tank I have one! But i don't do burn outs! TV
  2. poormansporsche

    Any Germans / people living in Germany on here ?

    Need a favour and would be helpful to know !!
  3. Steve_Perry

    BBC2 - 9PM: Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and US

    Looks like an interesting program on straight after the last Top Gear tonight. Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us at UK TV Listings Guide Just a heads-up. S.
  4. kikkthecat

    So, it's 1943 and the Germans are busy...

    Building this ??? 1943 770K Can anyone explain to me how, at the height of the war, Mercedes were still producing stuff like this ? It came up for auction in August and didn't sell but at the same venue these 2 did 1928 Boat tail Speedster $3,740,000 1937 540K $2,145,000
  5. D-18

    Damn clever these Germans.....

    Folks, I've noticed several comments on the forum regarding the depth of thought and engineering expertise which goes into a Benz and I think I may have just experienced my first little MB 'Eureka' moment. I was out yesterday in the E220 and in an effort to avoid the congestion at some...
  6. Howard

    Ze crazy Germans in ze diggers ....

  7. grober

    The Germans are coming!

    Practice 2 in Bahrain 1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes GP 1m 55.409s 2.Lewis Hamilton McLaren Racing 1m 55.854s 3. Michael Schumacher Mercedes GP 1m 55.903s 4.Jenson Button McLaren Racing 1m 56.076s. The germans are coming! Formula 1? - The Official F1? Website
  8. Satch

    Germans claim they invented everything

    Germans claim they invented everything By Ruth Elkins in Berlin Published: 24 July 2005 Germans are being reassured that they invented the world as part of a new government- and industry-backed campaign intended to restore their self-esteem. Thought John Logie Baird invented the...
  9. B

    A Big Thankyou to the Germans!

    Slightly of topic but: driving home in the M3 tonight on the M6 & the traffic stops Suddenly (70ish to zero quickly) I look in the mirror & see a Vectra coming fast, he swerves into lane 2 & misses me but the VW Polo doesn't OUCH!!!!! His air bags goes off & his car looks like a :bannana...
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