1. 0

    Amg Parts direct from Germany

    Hi has anyone purchased parts direct from Amg Germany ?
  2. J

    Unplanned 100mph (160kmh) Elk test in Germany

    Morning, no drama intended as a first post, but joined as have found useful threads addressing a few challenges with my new C300h Sport ride. 2am early morning of Tuesday 18th July 17, just outside Berlin at night on the Autobahn coming back to the UK, cruise @ 100mph, changing every so often...
  3. carnut

    Berganstrasse-castles rd in Germany

    I'm planning a trip in the SL to Germany from Mannheim to Prague on the castles rd. Has anyone else done this and if so do you have any tips?
  4. gr1nch

    Mercedes thefts encouragingly low .... in Germany

    "Although Mercedes Benz is the third most common car on German roads (9.4%), it is only the 12th riskiest brand to own per number of cars insured." :bannana: Rather interesting website this, with mostly Sales info - 2015 Germany: Most-Frequently Stolen Car Brands and Models - though nothing...
  5. Marvin16x

    My brain says I should leave Germany to live in a van in the UK

    Hi all, I want to keep this as short as possible. I'm very unhappy with my life here in Germany and have been for many years now. I'm only 23 but could never really get along with the lifestyle of the western youth (submissively obey, party hard on the we, not care about anything etc). When I...
  6. N

    Hello from Germany & a question of buying british vehicles

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris, 33 years old and I'm living in Germany. I'm driving several W123 since I have my driver's licence. Additionally, as you might expect, cars come and go, some of them stay, and whoops you got sort of a collection. In my case, a W114, two 123's a fintail and other stuff...
  7. 219

    Germany to ban combustion engines by 2030 ?
  8. Cousy

    F1 in Germany AMG pictures

    Some pictures from the F1 at Hockenheim, Germany. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  9. gunning

    Need a cheap beast to go to germany in.

    After a cheap hack to go to Germany in at the end of the month. It could be £200 or £4000 ish. Needs to have some punch and be fairly nice. Not fussed on being a mercedes. What have you got?
  10. SG1

    Good places in Germany to visit?

    Evening, In April every year we go to the Techno Classica Show in Essen, this year we drove (R129 SL600 and 996 Turbo). We attended the show for three days and from there went to Stuttgart and visited the Mercedes Classic Center, Mercedes Museum, Porsche Museum and an interesting one off...
  11. BTB 500

    80 kph speed limit in Germany due to melting roads

    We drove back from the South of Germany yesterday ... today the temperature has hit 40C, and they have a blanket 80 kph (50 mph) speed restriction in force due to the effect on the road surfaces. A narrow escape!
  12. M

    w124 TE36 in Germany

    Only posting this because of the bizarre eyes hurt....and yet I still want it....I think I need therapy. W124 TE36 AMG HU bis Juni 2016 !! in in Bergheim | eBay
  13. Rashman

    Trip to Germany

    So, with our Germany trip commencing in just under 24hrs, I thought I would execute a dressed rehearsal :rolleyes: I figured it was the only way to get my body clock used to the idea of getting up at 2.30am tomorrow morning. lol :crazy: Seems stupid at the moment, but tomorrow we'll be...
  14. M

    Anyone drove on Germany autobahn in winter?

    I read from AA: and ... I am somewhat reluctanct to change tyres to drive on the motorway.. I don't think that their autobahn will have ice on the surface.. And when I say autobahn I mean 100% autobahn - no other roads I am going to use.. And what if it is a warm month? Like...
  15. L

    Buying LHD MB from Germany

    Good evening all. Just got back from Spain after visiting my parents out there. My Dad will be 75 this year and I wanted to buy him a 5-6 year old C Class 220CDI AG. I found a few out there, but the cheapest one with the cleanest history was 7 years old and 16500 Euros!! This is due down...
  16. R

  17. B

    Recent W124 E500E Meet , Germany

    Held at BRABUS HQ, Bottrop, DE
  18. M

    How long takes to receive speeding ticket from Germany?

    Drove twice to east Germany.. on second trip I got 2 red flashes within different works areas and a white flash on a fly over on a motorway... I am fretting now I can get my license suspended if I get 3 tickets at same time... (my guess I was doing 100 mph in 100 kmh zone and 70-80 mph in 60...
  19. poormansporsche

    Any Germans / people living in Germany on here ?

    Need a favour and would be helpful to know !!
  20. Kingpin!

    COMAND retrofit company in Germany

    Hi forum! Like the title (almost) say - does anybody know of a good COMAND retrofit company in Germany? I'll be going from northern to southern Germany in a couple of weeks (for the German GP) and could make a "pit stop" on the way. The car is a W204 (2007) C200 which only has the Audio 20...
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