1. flying haggis

    skilled or a potential getaway driver?

    Dash Cam Captures Incredible Driving By Hungarian Ambulance Driver [VIDEO]
  2. M

    The perfect getaway vehicle.

    This made my morning. BBC News - Puppy thrown at German biker gang
  3. Alex

    Ideas for a family weekend getaway

    Been living in this beautiful country for almost 7 years but mostly travelled for business. Would be great to hear of worthy places to visit with family for a weekend. Something that kids can enjoy too. Done camping when I was a kid but never organised one being an adult. Shooting? Quad biking...
  4. S

    The big getaway... for those not already stuck in it that is

    For any of you in the North West London or SW Herts area be warned the M1 is shut going southbound and is causing chaos all over. It took me two hours to go from J22 M25 to Redbourn and back. You may as well stay in the office instead of sneaking out early like I did. It was predicted to be...
  5. Flyer

    OT: The Getaway (Brabus!)

    Been playing The Getaway for some time now, on and off (for those of you that have played it, I'm stuck at the Chinese Art Gallery - can't complete the damn mission :rolleyes: ). Anyway, I'm on free roam, checking London out and notice that there's a few black and silver A classes zooming...
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