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    new and thinking of geting a 190 2.5 d

    been thinking of geting a cheap merc for a while now and realy like the sound of the 190 diesel 2.5, whats a reasonable price and what do i need to look out for fault wise? also, is there a reliable dealer in norfolk who would have one? i know nothing about merc 190s apart from they have the...
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    Just geting my 1st MB (W124) 200E

    Hi all Just geting my 1st MB (W124) 200E Estate 1989 This car has had a new head on it 2-4 months ago and it has just gone again. So I am getting the car really really cheap, I can fit a head ok, but i have been told that the 4 cyclinder engines are picky about what gaskits you put on them and...
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