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    W124 Getrag manual conversion

    24v manual 717450 getrag gearbox from a W124 CE. Suit any M103/M104 engine. Complete with gear selector, pedal box and flywheel. £900.
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    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for getrag 717450

    Manual M104 dual mass flywheel for Getrag 717450- £200
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    C36 AMG w/manual gearbox (Getrag, ZF)??

    Hi guys, new member here. Watching this space from Finland, Scandinavia. Great forum! I'm in process of upgrading my 250CE W114 with a M104 engine. It will be either E320 or C36. Depending on the manual gearbox compatibility. E320 would be a no brainer, ZF is a factory fit. But, what I've...
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    w202 - getrag conversion

    i am currently in the process of turbo charging my c280 m104 engine (5 speed manual) and wondering what is involved in fitting the 190 cosworth cosworth gearbox?? i ve found out it bolts straight up and i can use the exisiting m104 flywheel do i need the cosworth clutch kit?? what about...
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    1990 190E 2.5-16 Getrag Manual

    Some photos of my favourite 190E. This is a good original car, less than 100K miles and a full MBSH. The previous owner spent nearly £4K on the last single visit to MB a while ago. Spec is slightly different to my '89 Auto - this car has an outside temperature guage, heated front seats and...
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    280te Getrag 5speed into w111

    I have just purchased a 1985 w123 280te with a manual 5 speed getrag gearbox. It is rusty but drives superbly. The engine and box are going in my 1961 220 se Coupe until i restore the original running gear (expensive). I have only ever heard bad things about manual boxes from this era but...
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