1. M

    Ghost Courtesy Door Lights - Your Take?

    Hi All, I think I may not do this, as a little poncy, but they are fairly cheap and very easy to fit. Install pics and video here: 2X Mercedes Benz W215 R300 R350 R500 R320 R400 W164 ML500 ML320 ML350 ML400 X164 GL Class LED car door projector Logo light...
  2. W

    Ultimate theft protection - Autowatch Ghost

    Has anyone had an Autowatch Ghost CAN immobiliser fitted. How much are they and are they a bit of a faff in day to day life ? They say it defeats all 'code grabbers' but you can use an iPhone to open the car so not sure just how secure they really are. Any thoughts appreciated as I am...
  3. Doc matt

    Auto watch Ghost installed (Midlands)

    Finally had the Autowatch Ghost installed to my car yesterday. Read about it here:cool: In a nutshell, it's a very good immobiliser (a bit like the old Clifford blackjack) but instead of pressing the blackjack button you simply press buttons anywhere on the car to disable it. So you enter...
  4. bouncer

    ghost in the machine

    I have a 2004 Pre facelift W203 The driver’s door button bounces when I lock the car. I have read about this problems a few times on this forum. . . . but I had another issue before this started and I wonder if they could be connected? If I was to go round a sharp corner or roundabout that...
  5. S

    W203 Estate - Ghost in the machine

    Maybe not a ghost, but something very peculiar. I've had my W203 face-lift c220 cdi Estate for a few months now and have noticed the drivers side temperature control adjusts itself. Sounds mad and the first time it happened, I thought I had knocked it by accident. I always have it set to...
  6. M

    Pic of my w204 ghost projector light must see

    Here some pic of my w204 saloon c250cdi amg sports just connected some ghost projector light and led number plate unit let me no what you think.
  7. jamesfuller

    Ghost Busters!

    merc benz hearse 380se 6 wheeler | Benoni | Gumtree South Africa | 112449903
  8. E

    Ghost car in russia

    OMG || Ghost cars in Russia! What the HELL is going on here??? New Video - Video Dailymotion :eek::crazy:
  9. Niks

    Ghost lap of Ayrton Senna - Incredible!

    Just came across this. Having done live sound engineering and sound design back in the day, I know how much work it must have taken to create this... Absolutely amazing!
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Michael Jacksons Ghost

  11. WDB124066

    Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe Spied on Nurburgring

    Lennon would have been jealous.......... Rolls-Royce Ghost Coupe Spied on Nurburgring | News
  12. S

    [w124] Sunroof Ghost

    All of a sudden the controls for the sunroof have failed and for no obvious reason the sunroof randomly opens when driving along (but tends to also shut more than it opens, so far at least). The controls for the back windows have also gone but not sure if this is related. What's the first...
  13. K

    Ghost train?

    Driving home from Derby on the M1 today I passed a train (on a low loader). There was a support van just behind the transporter with an electronic roof display showing "Paranormal load". The train didn't look that spooky.
  14. MercFanUk

    W202 Boot Selenoid - and lock. And main electrics. Ghost?!

    Hey all, my 202 has developed an issue. The physical boot lock has never worked, in fact you can actually pull the barrell right out. I was always able to open the boot with the keyfob or button on the dash however, so it was never an issue. Today I opened the drivers door - interior and dash...
  15. whitenemesis

    Ghost Dog - Way of the Samurai

    Anyone else seen this film? Just watched it twice back-to-back, brilliant Some really clever touches and links within the story... and some great gags Sound track very fitting and atmospheric Must dig out my copy of Hagakure!
  16. shazAMG

    Ghost Wiper?

    Okay got a very strange problem with the wiper and it’s not the typical problem with the w202 that I’m sure every w202 owner knows about. Completely randomly the wiper clicks across the screen, it used to be just one flick but now it goes on for a few minutes or so? I don’t have rain...
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