1. BlackC55


    I have been watching ghost vids on YouTube and find them fascinating. I know some are fake but they are intriguing me. I have experienced paranormal stuff in my own house that's is very old and working on my own in the early hours in the workshop. I never seem to get scared much. In fact the...
  2. E

    Do you believe in ghosts?

  3. A


    Do you believe in ghosts? I've got to say I don't believe in ghosts. I was brought up in a ridiculously old house(cica 14 century) and I never saw anything that would even slightly make me believe in ghosts. Anyway about five years ago my mother in law passed away now now she haunts me...
  4. Ron

    Do You believe in ghosts ?

    Click here and study this image of a typical room. Do not focus on anything in particular, but look around the room to see what's wrong ! :crazy:
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