1. L

    Love 2 Shop Gift Card - £150, Swap for John Lewis Gift Card

    I've got a love to shop gift card which I'm not going to use. The gift card value is £150. Ideally would like to swap for the same value of a John Lewis gift card as I've got my eye on something there. Card is expiring in 2019 and can be used in the list of stores shown in the pics below...
  2. D

    Christmas gift

    Ok, so with the release of the W213 E Class I've given this one some serious thought. I drove lots, and finally settled on this, which got the black-silk-sheet treatment earlier today. The (as yet) lack of a decent sized E Class diesel coupe and a cracking deal on this one tipped me over the...
  3. Crazyfool

    **AVOID** Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Avoid the gift card like the plague! I was given a £25 gift voucher by my sister last November for my birthday. In order to activate the card, she had to pay a further £2.95, so in all my present cost her £27.95. The card has the Visa logo and on its website it states 'Vanilla Visa Gift Card...
  4. GLK

    Rare Vintage Champagne - a perfect gift

    For that someone special ... :thumb: I'm selling two of my rare vintage champagnes: Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs 1989 and Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 1990 Bought a few years ago from Cadman Fine Wines, kept in a cool storage, of course...
  5. poormansporsche

    F/S Lego Delorean - ideal Chrimbo Gift !!

    These go for silly money on ebay but pretty cool :) Mint unopened condition Ideal boys toy gift Looking for £50 plus postage or can be collected from South East London
  6. rom1

    AMG Keyring gift boxed

    1. Material: Metal Alloy + Artificial leather 2. Package including: 1pc keychain 3: Gift boxed 4. 100% new,never been used 5. Top section pulls up and turns £6 posted Royal mail 2nd class. If interested paypall or collection from Leicester Picture is of mine, new one comes in plastic...
  7. The _Don

    Halfords offer - Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection
  8. brucemillar

    GoPro As a Gift - Which Model

    Folks Daughter is after a GoPro for Christmas. This would not be used strapped to her head, or to confront rampaging motorists or cyclists. It is for personal hobby use mainly outdoors. What is a good starter pack and where should I buy. I see Argos at around £150 with £30 off. Is that good?
  9. The _Don

    Buy Michelin Tyres and claim a fuel gift card worth up to £100
  10. Satch

    Christmas gift from a stranger

    Who left the car park without wishing to be thanked. From the expanse of broken lens plastic and glass left behind pretty clear that damage to their vehicle was substantial. Behind the user friendly plastic bumper on a Land Cruiser lurks a BFO transverse steel girder arrangement which is...
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    The gift you really wanted to get them

    I really wanted to buy Mrs D a robot vacuum cleaner for Christmas, but she still wouldn't have been talking to me now if I had!! I ended up buying her selection of much safer stuff. Should have got the robot though!!
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    Last minute gift? iPad Mini £219 @ Waitrose

    Just thought I'd share this - might be just the job if you're struggling for last minute gifts or looking for a good deal on iPads. I was doing the Christmas grocery shopping in Waitrose earlier this evening and noticed iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB for £219. Please note, it's not the retina...
  13. M

    Marks & Spencer £100 Gift Card

    Gift Card from M&S £100 Value on the card. Will upload photos and details of receipt if requested. £80 Cash on Collection - East London - Or posted £85.00 via RMSD.
  14. D

    2 weeks old e220 diesel convertible unwanted gift!! By ungreatful sole save thousands

  15. J

    New car gift ?

    Hi there, I recently collected a brand new C63 coupe from a main dealer, apart from the salesman being in a hurry to get me out the door I was surprised that there wasn't a little handover gift, in the past I've received flowers for my wife, MB wine stoppers, Crystal glasses, an umbrella and...
  16. Igurisu

    What gift for a second time around marriage?

    A close friend of mine is getting married for the second time, he and his partner have lived together for several years and have a fully furnished house. I'm trying to decide what to buy as a gift, my thoughts so far are a hotel break, theatre tickets or break, nice meal at a restaurant...
  17. G

    Recieved a gift from Mercedes-Benz USA

    I'm from across the pond, and not sure about you guys, but Mercedes Benz corporate has a facebook page dedicated to all their products and allows fans to post up their praise and grievances about the brand. I posted up 3 rather well shot pictures of my family's Mercedes Benzs, and I got an...
  18. Palfrem

    Gift for Best Man

    Chaps, I'm getting married at the end of June My Best Man and I are both in our late 50's so we have all the cufflinks, pens, tankards, etc. we are ever likely to need. He doesn't play golf or have any interest in sport at all. Or cars. He's a big cheese in the Masons, but I suspect...
  19. Koolvin

    Jessops gift Card with £299.95

    Jessops gift Card with £299.95 £270.00 plus postage - collection welcome.
  20. The Boss

    Urgent Gift advice needed...

    Hi. i need to get the misses something asap for xmas. i had bought her the amazon Kindle, but it most defo not arriving before xmas, so have just cancelled it, so i need to either buy it from a store etc.. im looking at ugg boots aswell.. Any ideas on where good deals are to be had so im not...
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