1. bob6600

    The old girl did it again!

    Passed her MOT with flying colours. Nearly 208k and going ok, glad I kept her a couple of years ago although SWMBO has told me I'm not allowed to sell her even if I get a new(er) car. Alarmingly I only did 2.5k miles in the last 12 months, perfect excuse to buy a V8 next :D
  2. M

    The old girl keeps going

    Auspicious day for the W211 Hopefully you can see she is 300K up.
  3. Darrell

    Its a girl!!

    The new Dr Who.
  4. 219

    Don't cross this girl !

    I'm not usually a fan of dash cam videos , but this made me laugh
  5. 4

    Any girl here ? or we are mustache all

    Hello everyone .I wonder if this forum has girls users.
  6. LoopyLou

    New girl

    Hi everyone I'm new here so finding my way. Please be gentle! I've had my 1999 CLK230K for nearly 5 years and love it. But it's getting very rusty and it's time for a change. But I don't know what. I've grown very fond of Mercedes because my car has been completely reliable from new (my...
  7. D

    Even more new jokes...

    The 'More Jokes' thread is a nightmare to post on because, I'm assuming, there's been that many posts. Pretty much every time I post, it double posts, so I thought it'd be better to simply start a new thread....
  8. M

    Girl Driving Mercedes CLA ends up in a canal

    How sad. From the article: A girl driving a Mercedes CLA had the bad luck of ending up in a canal in China. 4 pictures and full article .
  9. grumpyoldgit

    And now for something completely different. Little drummer girl.

    Totally amazing..... Little Girl Drummer. Like a Pro! - Paulina From Mexico
  10. Stratman

    Weather girl to do forecast naked?

    Damn!!!! I just remembered football is frowned upon here. No pictures then :D
  11. T

    It's been a while since I posted about the old girl

    Where do I start, As I have been squirrelling away parts for the old girl, I bought a set of projector headlights, Mtec grooved and drilled front discs, the heated element for the windscreen washer bottle, twin exit exhaust,new tyres all round, and a good bonnet in silver as mine had a huge lump...
  12. N

    E220 TE - Cheap Car - someone save this old girl

    1993 MERCEDES 220 TE AUTO 7 Seater W124 Estate Car ~ Service History ~ Long MOT | eBay
  13. Godot

    Girl rocks a Hendrix song on a Korean instrument!

    Girl rocks a Hendrix song on a Korean instrument! | Facebook :bannana:
  14. R

    Proper pictures of the new girl.

    1 week old and I've finally given the car some much needed TLC with a lovely coat of SwissVax "Best of Show" - many thanks to Steve of Mirror Finish for turning up on such a horrible morning and keeping the faith that the sun would eventually appear long enough to put on some wax! Here are...
  15. markjay

    Train Guard Found Guilty Over Girl's Death
  16. Stratman

    Boy Meets Girl, in the Highway Code

    It's probably been seen before, but it's new to me.
  17. I

    My old girl

    my old girl reliable and goes like the clappers(bit like the wife):D
  18. 300CE

    Girl freed after 10 hours with "bomb" round her neck

    In the currant bun - love the first comments underneath the story: Madeleine Pulver freed after 10hrs with bomb round her neck | The Sun |News
  19. SL Happy

    The old girl doesn't want to rev?

    With the recent blips of nice weather to enjoy I un-wrapped the old girl (98) R129 SL32O and took it out to clear her lungs but when it was time to give it the boot it didn't want to change smoothly at high revs. Tootling along.. just fine but at full throttle I got a back fire, bit of a delay...
  20. poormansporsche

    The Ole Girl surprised me a bit today :)

    Alright peeps, ive had my car for over 6 months now (prefacelift 202 C280) and ive never really given it any serious welly what with me now being a old fart. Anyway was waiting to turn right at a major crossroads today and just as I start to move off a car coming towards me decides to jump...
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