1. lynall

    Whoops just stuffed the old girl up the back of a Transit

    Poor old thing:eek: Of course transit tough as old boots some trim damage. My car rad smacked up against fan hub dumped all coolant smashed condensor rad, bumper, wings, lights etc etc Was only saying last night got to give it a service this weekend and get down the paintshop for a...
  2. EDZ649

    Poor old girl........

    Mercedes 220 SE 2 Door Coupe 1960 on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Classic Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 09-Jun-09 22:16:30 BST)
  3. S

    Big girl you are beautiful... Have a laugh. I did :bannana:
  4. gt-83

    cruel end for this old girl!

    :eek: :eek:
  5. Mercv8

    Which way is the girl spinning?...

    As per subject.. Which way is this girl spinning? MV8.
  6. 230K

    Brand New Baby Girl. Need a name. Help!

    Hi My wife and i had our 5th child on Tuesday 11th. It is a baby girl 7lb 8oz and we have no name for her yet. Short list so far: Molly Grace Grainne Erin Shauna Dana Sorcha Briana Cliona Danielle Finnoula Any ideas greatly appreciated Thanks, 230K
  7. NW_Merc

    Check out this bad boy (or girl)
  8. BenzComander

    Old girl spanks C36

    Coming out of the little roundabout at Amersham, and going up the hill towards Beaconsfield had a pesky C class on my a$$. Moved over into the left hand lane to let him past, he looked like he was in a hurry. Hit the kickdown and held it and he had no answer and could not overtake :confused...
  9. badshot1uk

    My old Girl

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