1. CLSMark

    Giving way..

    Just an observation from an Anglo Scot. I've lived here 10 years now, and when somebody gives way to me, I always give an acknowledgement, But invariably I get nothing back, but a hate stare or a blank look. Why flash me then if you are so annoyed? Seems to be an English thing, or maybe a...
  2. N

    2 x new video vlogs giving my personal insights of E63AMG

    Hello everyone, Some of you may have noticed that I have published a few videos of my E63AMG over the past few weeks and I have now launched 2 x new video vlogs of myself speaking in the car today, with my personal insights on the E63 AMG. I am not claiming to be an expert but merely...
  3. Giantvanman

    A Facebook draw giving away two Audi R8s

    This appears to be genuine so thought I'd share.
  4. Jay2512

    Annoying people when giving you Reg No over the phone!

    Well as it say above, I'm really getting annoyed with people who try and correct me on the phone over my own reg number. So I ring insurance to swap over for the new car, the lady says "what's the registration?" - so I say it's "689 ....." To which the lady replies "can you start with the...
  5. astamir

    Mb dealers not giving out the part number

    Hi guys Does anyone knows why dealers not giving out the part numbers to the mb owners? And can anyone help me to find out the part number for the front shock absorbers for w208 clk55 2000reg? Thanks
  6. I

    Giving diesels a good run

    My iPad tried to word this thread as 'giving desires a good run'.. autocorrect ... anyway ... I normally get a 10 mile motorway run in on workdays but rarely more. Are there any opinions on the best speed/gear/rpm to give diesels a 'good run' for this sort of length of journey and avoid the...
  7. D

    W211 not giving me he horn

    I have just bought a 320 CDi avantgarde as my daily driver. I'm delighted with the car and to be back in a Mercedes on a daily basis, however, I'm not at all sure about the horn - it sounds a bit weedy. A sort of low tone 'peep' is the best I can describe it as. Is this just how it is or is...
  8. C

    E320 CDI (w211) giving me a headache .. Literally!

    I have a problem with my e320 CDI. I put up a post earlier regarding the lambda sensor as I thought it could me the cause of my problems. I've changed it since but still have the error codes as attached. I still have the poor performance issue. There is quite a strong smell coming from the car...
  9. S

    This Forum Giving Me Headache (confused face)

    Hi All, From last two days i have been going through all the lease / pcp threads in this particular section of the forum. The general consensus is most members are against pcp and will opt for a good lease deal. As im anout to pick up a car next week on pcp im having to over think my decission...
  10. chriswt

    W203 C320cdi giving me back ache

    Had my 2007 W203 320cdi Sport since December and I'm not particularly overwhelmed. Performance and ride are great ut thats about it. The biggest problem is back ache after driving the car, more specifically the aggravation of my sciatica. 1. The floor mounted accelerator pedal is very...
  11. R

    giving a w202 longer legs

    hi there got a w reg c250td manuel saloon currently running a little bit more than stock power with upped fueling is there a diff off another model w202 auto maybe or estate ? or a diffrent model altogether that will up my gear for more speed per gear ? and will swap straight over cheers
  12. Howard

    Stats giving up ?

    :( 2004 Ford Transit Alloy Wheel Repair Unit on eBay (end time 21-Oct-10 10:52:21 BST)
  13. bigbobs cl

    Giving your Phone a name....................

    be careful what name you put on your phone!! I went to a customers house yesterday to fit a Parrot Bluetooth Kit. Very big posh pad in a privage gated estate. Middle aged lady comes out, gives me the keys. Kit fitted and ask her if she wants me to pair the phone up for her. Obviously without...
  14. Howard

    Giving pimps a bad name Classy plate :rolleyes:
  15. Shala

    my c180 is giving me 30-40 miles for £10 petrol

    its a w202 c180 (1998) auto. I feel its drinking alot of petrol for a 1.8. I know the petrol price is £1.06 a litre but I think the cars running unefficient. I think that works out to be 14 to 19 mpg. Can anyone give me some advice. Thanks Shala:)
  16. A

    I bet your bored of giving advice about a W210

    Hi, Looking to get a E320 2002 (so face lift model) Estate Diesel. I have just spent the last hour or so reading the forums and truly terrified about this rust issue. ALTHOUGH, there are glimmers of hope and people not having any problems with seemingly getting luck with the right car. Is...
  17. J

    Fangio in a W196 giving a Brabham a good run

    For those that are interested, here's Fangio in a W196 giving a Brabham-Repco F1, from about 10yrs later, a good run ...Vid is from Oz in 1978...good to watch..The maestro ain't hanging around...
  18. Goldfish11

    Comand DVD giving wrong location after V7 upgrade

    I have just bought a new Version 7 DVD map disk for my E Class W211. (This is replacing a version 6 disk). I have put the thing in and the system has installed the update but it is now about 50 yards out on my location in terms of coming to junctions roundabouts etc. Tells me a road is...
  19. B

    Sat Nav Giving False Location

    Good Evening all - my first posting and request for information Vehicle is 2005 E220CDI W211 fitted with Command (DVD) with 21000 miles from new Due to take 'the Boss' to London Theatre tomorrow and turned sat nav on this afternoon at home address in Birchington Kent to programme Theatre...
  20. Parrotman

    Giving Way to Emergency Vehicles

    Just a general question really. Traffic lights are at red and there's sirens, blue flashing lights, flashing headlights blazing away behind you. This might be an ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle.There are also cameras at the junction. You can't pull over. What would you do...
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