1. DCStubbs

    Cup holder gizmo

    Centre console on step fathers CLK320 cab has a nifty cup holder gizmo that pops up and provides 2 slots, it is under the flap between the gearstick and the front armrest. Any idea where I can get one? mine does not have one. Thanks Dave
  2. F

    not working SLK roof gizmo

    heya folks, I've got a roof gizmo from these people ( installed in my R170 SLK. lastminute installed it mid last year and it was fine, but post christmas, when it began to brighten up a bit, I tried to remote open the roof and nothing. in fact, the roof...
  3. carnut


    New FREE emag.......... just found out from my latest edition of EVO mag :)
  4. robert.farmer


    Hi Guy, Hope you have a Bloody good birthday,all the best Rob
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