1. W

    W124 300CE Glasgow

    Mercedes w124 300ce 1992 For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C900337]
  2. Jim55

    Remap at autotec port glasgow

    Anybody used these for a Mercedes c220? Iv had them recommended but as far as I know they're a revo dealer, I thought revo was vag only , they seem to have a good set up but anybody any comments?:confused:iv heard mixed reviews reg Stan at ecotune in Hillington , bad ones mainly ,cars goosed and...
  3. B

    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    Just thought I'd share my repair experience. I purchased an approved used White C220 CDI AMG Sport Coupe, really enjoyed the first few days of owning the car but after only a week of ownership it had become the victim of car park dings on the drivers door. They looked quite deep and at the time...
  4. The _Don

    Mercedes Glasgow

    Morning all I am aware Mb Glasgow do some stonking deals on new cars there is a sales lady there who does the deals but i am not aware of her name can anyone help ? Cheers.
  5. D

    MERCEDES-BENZ W124 260E Glasgow £2250

    MERCEDES-BENZ W124 260E Glasgow £2250 Year 1990 Mileage 144k Engine 2.6 Auto 4 speed MOT'd until April 2017 Color Smoke Sliver With much regret I am putting this lovely beast up for sale as I have lost the storage space, previously owned by a Rolls Royce engineer and kept in very good...
  6. rsvgreg

    Anyone near Southside in Glasgow?

    I have my eye on an 02 W208 CLK, one of the last W208's made. I was wondering if anyone local would be wiling to cast a quick eye over the car, if it's reasonable I would fly up and look/buy. It's a CLK230 that has been advertised for about two weeks by a trader. I have a nice old CLK55AMG...
  7. H

    Good Spray paint Shop in Glasgow area?

    Can anyone recommend a good paint shop in the Glasgow area? Thanks folks.
  8. kbhogalW126

    Looking for an Indy in and around the Glasgow area

    Hi Folks! I've not been on for a few years but I have a question. Does anyone know of a Merc Indy in and around the Glasgow area that they could recommend? Someone who knows older W140/W124's? Thanks in advance. KJ
  9. M

    4 wheel alignment in the Glasgow Area

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone is aware of someone being able to go 4 wheel alignment in the Glasgow area or even outside within a 20 mile radius or so that specifically can do mercs. I had mine done at a very well known alignment specialist but for some reason they struggled...
  10. D-18

    Curry from the Glasgow Yadgar Restaurant - who needs it?

    For all the Yadgar curry fans, I can thoroughly recommend an alternative. LTD appeared at my house yesterday offering an Indian takeaway delivery service with a bit of a difference. How about a curry made from scratch in your own kitchen by a top chef? LTD had taken the trouble to prepare...
  11. 219

    Serious incident in Glasgow

    Bin lorry has crashed , reportedly after being involved in some kind of incident with taxi - several dead . Several pedestrians killed in Glasgow bin lorry crash - BBC News
  12. JeffT

    Merc Independant in Glasgow area

    As title, looking for reputable independent in Glasgow area. I do most stuff myself or use a garage that I have used for 20 years but there are some jobs I would rather entrust to folk who know Mercs. I work near Glasgow centre and live out to East. Thanks
  13. M

    Mercedes s320 remap recommendations - Glasgow area

    Hi guys. Looking to possibly get the w221 2007 s320 remapped. Firstly any recommendations for places to have this done in the Glasgow area. Happy to travel a little for the right person Also what are people's experiences of a remap. Thanks.
  14. V

    Recommend A Dealership in Glasgow?

    Hi all First post so be gentle! I'm edging ever closer to buying a new C class. I've worn out the online configurator and its time to visit a dealer, arrange a test drive and hopefully place an order for a C220 AMG Line. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dealership in the...
  15. A

    Glasgow help please.

    Having done just 2,500 miles in the SL last year we're planning a little 1,000ish mile road trip in mid May. The plan is to visit friends near Wick. An overnight stop at a little pub I know just outside Perth and then, next morning after a brief stop at the Inverness Oil and Vinegar shop (go...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Anyone Near Glasgow able to view a car for me?

    Hi, Anyone with a decent knowledge of oily things, around the Hamilton area of Glasgow able to view a car for me please? being as I live nowhere near Scotlandshire I could do with a hand! I will pay your fuel + beer money :) Thanks :thumb:
  17. swannymere

    Police helicopter crashes on Glasgow Pub

    Not looking good. Police Helicopter crash
  18. iaingreer

    Glasgow helicopter crash

    I know it's late but a police helicopter has crashed onto a pub roof in glasgow not too far from me, pretty tragic circumstances
  19. S

    New from Glasgow

    New guy here, didn't want too officially post anything until I put my deposit down today in case I jinxed myself lol. Should revive my new E250 on December the 11th (delivery date) Spec: Amg sport kit Powered boot close Crystal grey leather Full intelligent light package Palladium silver...
  20. clashcityrocker

    underside protection ( glasgow )

    just about to get the car prepped for winter has anyone ever done the underside ie waxoil or any other type of underbody sealant i imagine it would be better up on a ramp in a garage to give it a proper clean and seal is there anywhere in glasgow area that would do this cant be ****d lying...
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