1. R

    C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

    I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end. Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point...
  2. Scottyj10

    Wing Mirror Glass Replacement

    Hi All, I have a 3 month old S205 C Class Estate, all of a sudden the drivers side wing mirror glass keeps falling out, i haven't hit anything it's just started to fall out when closing the door behind the glass the plastic clips that keep the glass in place are snapped well 3 of them, £297...
  3. BTB 500

    W447 V Class tailgate, opening glass

    Parked alongside a W447 V220 today and saw that the glass on the tailgate opened independently, which is a nice feature. Is this standard? Anybody know if it's available on the W447 Vito as well?
  4. H

    W215 Right Side Mirror Glass

    I have a 2004 CL600 and the Right hand side mirror glass has gone all smoky.. I am looking for replacement glass but it is bit of a jungle out there .. From what I have gathered then I should have tinted spherical heated with auto dim function. The W215 should only have the auto dim...
  5. C

    SLK Glass roof

    Hi All I have read on another forum that in many cases, you can change the headliner in the SLK so you can access the panoramic glass roof which is now fitted as standard. At some point in 2014, MB started to fit a black foil to the underside of the glass roof possibly to stop this DIY...
  6. B

    solar glass w220 320cdi

    Hi all I have obtained an after market gps receiver and have been told that it will not work through solar glass, how do I tell if my rear screen is solar glass? Thanks' for any help, Bill.
  7. N

    Sprinter Side Windows - cheap

    Volkswagen Crafter Mercedes Sprinter VAN Glass Off Side Near Front Windows | eBay
  8. D

    Mercedes clk w208 97-02 hard top roof with heated glass in silver

  9. N

    Waxing Glass

    Just received my new C43 and about to wax it over the weekend. I'm going to use R222 100% Carnauba Wax can I use this on the sunroof/windows?
  10. Scottyj10

    Privacy Glass

    Hi All, I've just picked my new C220 Estate up in polar white, the glass has a slight tint to it, but i've seen a few estate and saloon cars with privacy glass, i think it looks much better, or should i leave it alone? if i go for it, would you recommend a local Mercedes dealer doing it?
  11. mark44

    Privacy glass removal

    Is it possible to remove Oem privacy glass? I bought my car second hand and it's not an option I would have spec'ed personally. Just curious if it's tint film that can be removed, rather than actual dark glass Thanks
  12. Wacko74

    ML wing mirror glass

    Morning chaps Can anyone help I noticed yesterday that my drivers side wing mirror has cracked It looks like something has hit it and cracked it I've looked on a few parts websites but none seem to do the auto dimming ones Is this something I need to go the the main dealer for If so...
  13. C

    W211 driver side mirror glass pretty facelift

    Need a glass for side mirror. Must be fully functional . Based in Birmingham. Or alternatively willing to pay postage. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. gr1nch

    Tinted / darker glass on recent Mercedes?

    There are two tinted glass options I know about as current order options. A. Infrared-reflective, noise insulating glass all round B. Privacy glass (just the rear windows, right?) In real life... How much darker is B than A? How dark is A in real life? Just out of interest, can they both exist...
  15. B

    Privacy glass

    I'm getting the S212's windows from the B-pillar back tinted as they're currently standard and my children are finding the sun bright occasionally. I'm personally not a fan of tinted windows as for me it makes cars look like vans, but kids and security come first. Does anyone know what the level...
  16. G

    Wanted 0 E210 drivers wing mirror, electric, heated blue glass

    Hi, For my E55. The spring clip has snapped and though I know you can bodge repair them i'd like a replacement. The glass also is bronze rather than blue on the passenger side so I assume its been hit at some stage and replaced. Does anyone have the inners of the mirror that bolts to the door...
  17. D

    CLS55 Door Mirror Glass

    Just looking for some advice. my driver side door mirror glass is shot and i need a new one. I believe the part number is A2218102621 but i can't seem to find a cheap one but i have found a A2218102821 which is still listed for a CLS. Any one able to tell me if this still fits OK? mine is...
  18. V

    R129SL 1997 - mirror glass compatibility

    so, some nasty person smashed my driver's side mirror off yesterday. i've managed to fix the mirror housing, but i now need a replacement glass. the car is a facelift SL with heated and powered mirrors, but not folding. the heating element is a 2-pin rectangular connector rather than the...
  19. ShaunB

    Door mirror glass replacement

    Folks Apart from Mercedes, do you know any decent places that do replacement glass? Its for an A class - MY2014, passenger side I'll was planning on ringing Mercedes tomorrow, but their location in Belfast is a right pain in ass to travel to. Went to Halfords today, but they didn't have...
  20. brucemillar

    In-grained glass streaks - Reoval Help?

    People When I was deep cleaning the interior of my 124 Wagon. I left the tailgate up. This meant that along the entire width of the tailgate glass, Surfex HD (and a load of muck) ran in streaks down the glass. I wasn't concerned at the time, thinking it "would just wipe off". WRONG!! The...
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