1. G

    Glasses Holder in place of a Roof Grab Handle - W240 Grey

    Bought myself a glasses holder, that installs in place of a driver's grab handle. Unfortunately, the mounting clips are different for the W204 and W169: So it is now for sale. New, grey, with nice soft rubber lining. Might fit other models, but is for W204. This is an aftermarket...
  2. mac999

    w211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses

    WANTED: W211/W219 Self Dimming Interior Mirror & Self Dimming Exterior Mirror Glasses Cash Waiting Contact : 07813626249
  3. baxlin

    Anyone had a "prism" put on their glasses?

    Last weekend after a localised pain behind my eye, I started to get double vision, and was sent straightaway to various hospital departments, to sort it out, including scan for TIA, which was fortunately clear. This afternoon I'm going to Stoke Mandeville to have said prism put on my glasses...
  4. crockers

    Damn glasses cost me dear

    Went out for dinner in the Volvo V60 and afterwards as I was cleaning my glasses they broke. So Mrs C drove home. Noticed She was nervous and not placing the car well. Mentioned it and she said she hates driving the car as she prefers her crv and sitting up high. To cut a long story short have...
  5. Piff

    Cloudy glasses

    We are lazy and put all crockery/pots & pans/glasses, etc in the dishwasher together. Dishwasher runs on soft water, we use 3 in 1 tablets but dishwasher also asks for additional rinse-aid which I have added and set the control to minimum. Usually run "normal" cycle which is a 130 minute...
  6. BenzedUP

    New ray ban rb 8625 glasses frames designer

    As title, brand new, never used, got them as a gift last year and just never used them. they are worth £100 on eBay; NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER on eBay (end time 31-May-11 21:57:31 BST) £50 Inc P&P.
  7. T

    Parkers V Glasses

    Hi to everyone well this time I'm looking for some GENUINE advice. I have seen a car I like the look of spoken to the trader and £7,500.00 seems to far away. I recall someone having access to a current Glasses guide some time back and wondered what the exact book price is for my car as a PX. 53...
  8. MercFanUk

    Computer Glasses

    Hi all! I work on a PC all day, and pretty much every day (2 Large widescreens). From about half way through the day onwards my eyes of course start to feel the strain... Has anyone ever tried glasses designed to reduce stress from screens? Would love to find something that helps. I've seen...
  9. F

    Validity of Parkers and Glasses prices?

    Hiya folks, I'm thinking of chopping the little SLK in for something a little more practical and I've found a few cars I'm interested in (I decided against that alfa I was thinking about). To get some idea of the value of my car, I've put it through the parkers used car price guide (adjusted...
  10. R

    W203 C and pre-facelift W211 heated mirror glasses

    Hi I have unused, but unboxed, left and right heated mirror glasses (european ones with the blind spot mirror built in) (non dimming) for C (W203) and the pre 06 facelifted W211 If you need one or the other or both let me know, and i'll do them at a good discount to brand new price ! (PM me)...
  11. Howard

    Glasses lookup please

    Does anyone have access to a current guide .... I would like to know the price of a T-reg Golf GTi 2.0 , with leather and aircon , manual , in average condition .... Thanks in advance
  12. glojo

    Rose tinted glasses!

    I have been accused of looking at Formula 1 through rose tinted glasses when I claim that this modern 'racing' is not in my personal opinion as exciting as in previous decades. I have just been having a giggle at this little clip of footage and decided to share it, but those that watch it need...
  13. jeremytaylor

    Glasses Guide Info please?

    One of our employees decided not to turn the bend on her way home from work and drove her (company) car into a low brick wall. This pushed the OSF wheel back in the wheelarch and did repairable damage to the 3-year old car. But then she moans to the Police that her back was aching a little...
  14. Sp!ke

    Glasses guide

    Anyone got a glasses guide? Been asked for a price by my step mother... she wants to trade in her 52 plate VW golf GTI - fully loaded with designo leather, metallic paint, air, everything basically & 27k miles and dealer history. She's been offered 7k trade in - doesnt sound like much...
  15. blassberg

    Airbags and Sunglasses or Glasses

    What experience is there from real accidents about people wearing (sun)glasses when their airbags go off? What do the manufacturers suggest? Are there safer designs of glasses that take this into consideration. I need to buy some new sunnies and the 5 year test thread got me thinking...
  16. M

    Night / fog driving glasses. Any recommendation please

    I know what there are special glasses which helps eyes in conditions like: 1. glare from dashboard 2. blinding of headlamps from counter traffic 3. driving in fog after trying to get trhough all the bla-bla-bla from merchants I get confused and cannot make choice. Against glare I...
  17. R

    Anyone got a glasses.

    Anyone look up the value of an E55 AMG 1999 T reg 31000miles please? Regards Ian
  18. Limited Edition

    Pulling Glasses?

    So who is going to buy these? :p
  19. Jukie

    Glasses vs Parker's

    For any of you who have access to a Glasses Guide, how accurate or otherwise is the pricing information in Parker's? Is there a better price guide available to non-traders? TVM.
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