1. tonyc280

    Meg's V's Black hole glaze

    Well just had delivered a bottle or Poorboy's Black hole Glaze for use on my c280 but mostly my bike and i'm totally blown away i must say. both on stainless steel , perspex and deep gloss black metallic it's totally faultless. Very happy bunny indeed. I did leave it for half an hour before...
  2. tonyc280

    OMG Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze

    Well i can honestly say i've never been so amazed at a car product ever. I thought the Meg's i've been using on my black bike and dark blue c280 Was good and get a lovely finish with Turtle Wax but this Poorboys stuff is at a completely different level. So easy to use and a deep gloss shine...
  3. M

    glaze coat slightly damaged

    Good afternoon ! New member 1st post.....hope it works ? Have a 2009 CLK 220CDI and have managed to slightly mess up the glaze coat on 2 small areas of coachwork by using too abrasive a sponge I think. Looking for advice on products or any other way to sort this out...only marks on an...
  4. matty.13

    Poorboys black hole glaze

    As it was sunny out i treated my car to car to some tlc and used poor boys black hole glaze . The pics from my iphone dont do the product justice , but its great stuff leaves a really deep wet shine and is easy to buff off . Even better is the price just £12.99 .
  5. Dand

    Poorboys Glaze

    Hey everyone, I used Poorboys White Diamond for the first time yesterday and was pretty pleased with the results. My only little niggle with it was i felt it didnt really spread all that well (compared to AG SRP) and i ended up using more than i thought i would. I was just wondering if thats...
  6. kusanku


    Does anyone here use a glaze as part of their detailing process? Does it make a difference? If so, which one do you use? Not used one myself, but curious to see if it might make a difference to some of the swirls on my paintwork that I can't seem to polish off?
  7. S

    Help :- 3M hand glaze?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone here uses the 3M hand glaze to polish the car. I am trying to source a supplier in the UK and getting nowhere fast! Its freely available in the USA, i even mailed 3M to find a stockist, but as yet i have not heard a thing. If anyone knows where to buy some, please...
  8. B

    Zymol Atlantique Glaze 226g

    the daddy of all glazes :D,this is one below zymol's vintage,i have one jar[226g/8oz],comes in a red satin bag and hardwoodbox.£500
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