1. jdrrco

    MOT computer glitch at DVLA

    I always get my cars MOTd as soon as I can to allow the breathing space of the "extra" month in case work needs doing. However, I took my CLS in a couple of weeks ago as usual and was surprised and disappointed to see that the new MOT ran out exactly 12 months after the test, not 13 as is...
  2. carnut

    MOT Glitch

    Its my practice to apply for my MOT the 30 days before its due in case there is anything that needs doing. The resultant MOT can then be dated from the expiry date and not the actual MOT date I did this but noted that in spite of the above rule my MOT expired next year on the anniversary of the...
  3. ioweddie

    Warning then no warning? Glitch or something going to go wrong?

    62 reg sport plus saloon, 16k miles Right indicator warning on dash and indicator arrow flashing fast as though a bulb (leds) has gone but all ok on the outside and flashing normally, drove about 20 miles, parked up checked indicators outside again all ok, warning still on dash and clicking...
  4. ricardo62

    strange glitch

    hi ive been running my car very lightly just lately ie idling a lot and short trips low revs , e320 cdi , and i thought id give it a blast today to clear it out ,, anyway i floored it and it made a rattle for about 2 seconds and after black smoke came out then blue smoke and it kept smoking , i...
  5. johncook109

    Command software glitch ?

    Hi there. After having my command go down (no Radio, DVD or Sat-Nav) and the latest software installed all works well except I have noticed the pre-heat light now stays on for 10 sec after moving off. If you then park up and restart the light goes out straight away. Any body out there think this...
  6. HotJambalaya

    Impending doom or temporary glitch?

    Started up the car yesterday evening, and suddenly got all sorts of warnings flashing at me, all sorts of initials were warning me they werent working, non of which I particularly recognised, EBC? something like that at least. The traction control light came on (the one that comes on when you...
  7. developer

    E Class Ebay Glitch

    I'm guessing the bay is having a few problems :rolleyes:. None of these mileages appear in the ad (thankfully).
  8. ricardo62

    starting glitch on e 320

    hi i stopped my car in a layby and went to restart it , i was sitting in it at the time , and it would turn over but not fire up , i then had the idea that if while sitting in it i used the key fob to unlock the doors wether that would help, and yes it started up , now this has happened before...
  9. J

    Persistent telephone glitch

    Hi everyone. I am a new member to the club and I would like to ask if anyone has had a problem with their telephone coming up with the message "call " every occasion after the ignition has been switched off.I 'm usually a couple of minutes into my journey when it comes up. My car is an E320...
  10. edgejedi

    BAS/ESP,ETS,ABS,EPC - epic fail or just a weird glitch?

    ....regretably I have been given a company car (dont ask what model - trust me it is poor but better than adding miles to my MB....) and so my pride and joy has been sat on the drive for a bit. Ive taken it out for a spin every couple of weeks no problems just to keep things 'moving', but with...
  11. dog68

    Impending doom, or just a glitch?

    This morning my car got stuck in first whilst in D, i changed into 1st, 2nd, still the same, so pulled over, put it in park, engine off, key out, started again and drove off, and was changing as normal, what could have caused this?
  12. I

    Elunexpected results.ectrical glitch

    Unexpected electrical glitch On the way home this evening, I had an opportunity to test the kick-down operation, with unexpected results. As the engine RPM went from approx. 1000 to 5000, the headlights went out, COMAND went off & the car hesitated. Within a second, everything is back to...
  13. M

    Another Day, Another electrical glitch!

    Looks like another sensor has decided to throw a wobbly this morning! The outside temperature was all over the place this morning. Well unless it was actually 30 degrees C on the M25 this morning :crazy: Can anyone tell me where the sensor is located on a CLK55 (209)? Just in case it's come...
  14. tmaoahthfte

    slight Viseeo glitch

    Just bought one of these useful devices for my w210 and it works fine except when a phone call finishes, the cd or radio doesn't come back on, I have to turn the comand off and on again (just like bloody Windows:p) Have I got a duffer or perhaps it's operator error?
  15. J

    CLS 320 CDI gearbox glitch

    Intermittently at +/- 4 to 6 week intervals and usually after previously using cruise control, and then slowing or stopping at an intersection, I loose power as if I am in 7th gear- doesn't matter if I shift down. I will very slowly progress even if I floor the accelerator. Gearbox will not kick...
  16. D

    320 cdi g/box glitch?

    Hi all. Travelling on the motorway, radio up loud, doing abount 80 mph, old bill sitting on their hump! slowed down to just below 70, then accelerated, got the usual puff of black smoke then a HUGE plume of blue/white smoke. Come off next junction and noticed she wasnt in high gear, driving on...
  17. F

    A Service due - Possible Computer Glitch..???

    Hi, My W203 is 13 months old now and only done 5367 Miles - The last time I drove it (last weekend) ASYST (On Bord Computer) showed 12800 Miles untill the service was due. This weekend upon strating the car the computer displayed "Service A Due in 27 Days..". Can this be correct or is this...
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