1. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday glojo

    Long time no see John. Really hope you can enjoy your birthday and many more
  2. gaz_l

    Happy birthday glojo

    Just looked at today's birthdays - there's a name from the past. Many happy returns John. Cheers, Gaz
  3. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Glojo!

    Many happy returns John. I hope you enjoy your day :thumb:
  4. Alfie


    Just thought i'd drop you all a note to say i've been in touch with Glojo (John) today and he is fine and sends his regards. He is looking at changing the sprinter for a new one with NTG 2.5!
  5. ringway

    Happy Birthday Glojo.

    Happy Birthday John. :thumb:
  6. ringway

    Merry Christmas Glojo & Dieselman.

    I've never met Glojo or Dieselman but this forum is not the same without these guys. I always enjoyed and very much respected their posts and I would very much like to think that these guys will once again grace us with their presence. Best wishes for Christmas Glojo and Dieselman. :thumb:
  7. Alfie


    First off I do not want to fire up an old debate nor have this thread hijacked into one. I have read some of the event thread that seems to have caused some concerns and do not wish to comment on it except to say; Whatever has happened, I personally would like to see glojo come back. I miss...
  8. High-Lo

    Happy birthday glojo

    Have a great day John :bannana:
  9. Londonscottish

    F1 Drivers - How much do they contribute? - one for Glojo

    On a recenrt thread Glojo asked how much contribution a drivere really makes as opposed to his car. Well it turns out the James Hunt thought it was 50% a few years ago and he predicted the driver's conribution reducing to 10% over time. Frank Williams compared selecting a new driver to...
  10. oldcro


    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas John. Hope Santa brings you many painless days and restful nights.
  11. S

    Upgrade for Glojo? Verrry nicee!
  12. oldcro


    Have not seen any sign of Glojo for a while, anyone know if all is well with him?
  13. columb


    Hi, Anyone know what's happened to John? I know he had some health problems, but he disappeared so suddenly... John, where are you? Cheers Chris
  14. wobbly

    Glojo Happy Birthday

    Have a great day John:bannana:
  15. robert.saunders


    Have I missed something or is John AWOL? (not sure if this is feedback or not :o )
  16. MBManInKen

    For Glojo

    Earlier today, I was puzzled by John's use of a mathematical expression (a subtraction) in various postings :p. So, I wanted to give it a try myself :devil: :D. Big enough, I hope, John! ;)
  17. pammy

    belated happy Birthday to Glojo

    John did'nt have his birthday in his profile - hence nothing to tell us - naughty boy!! So sorry this is late - but it's your fault :D :D :D Hope you had a lovely day - and yes - the best people are born in May (and November and July):D
  18. Howard

    For Glojo

    Just saw this bad boy in my garden on the feeder , in the last photo he has a look on his face that just says ' Busted ...... ' They are noisy beasties but quite cute ! he's really stretching to get his beak in the feeder .....
  19. Dieselman

    Glojo's T model.

    John That's absolute class...I like all the enhancements A LOT. Just how did they get that V8 to fit under such a slender bonnet?? I suspect a Walker-esqu conversion there..
  20. Howard

    A bird for Glojo ....

    John , I know how you love your birds , so thought you might like this .... We were walking in Bushy Park on Sunday and were feeding the ducks on the pond near our house , when out of the bushes pops this little fella .... Amazingly bold, he ate bread from my palm quite happily (as long i...
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