1. T

    Disposable Gloves

    Any idea were i can get some decent disposable gloves from, the ones i have last about five minutes.
  2. Palfrem

    Stringback leather driving gloves

    They're back! @ 24 secs Nice noise too. QCnIs_dKTD4
  3. WDB124066

    Driving gloves...

    I'm after a pair of decent [stylish] driving gloves, in cognac leather with crème woven fishnet fabric bits. Anybody got a really nice looking pair they could recommend please, I’m over looking at all the bog standard boring designs, I wanted something a bit more upmarket I suppose....
  4. jukie

    Brand new Altura Nevis winter gloves

    One pair, small men's, size 8. Black, brand new with tabs still attached. Manufacturer's link: Altura | Nevis Glove £11.99 inc P&P (ovno)
  5. 230K

    Gloves for filling with diesel RANT

    Arrive at local filling station in Belfast and proceed to look for gloves and there is none, then try all 4 dispensers for paper towel and there is none. I remember that i have one of those little disposable blue refuelling gloves in the car. Fill the car with £90 worth of diesel wearing the...
  6. F

    Who still wears driving gloves?

    I ask this because while out and about last week I overtook a modern Honda\Toyota jap box thing and glanced across at the driver only to see him wearing a pair of skinny leather driving gloves. :crazy:Is there any benefit to be gained by wearing them in the 21st century? I bet closer...
  7. MeRcEdEs-star

    Fuse Set and Wheel Change Gloves

    Saw these on fleabay :thumb: is this a good price ? Mercedes Benz Gloves & Fuses AMG ML SL SLK CLK E S CLS on eBay (end time 14-Aug-09 18:07:50 BST)

    Driving gloves? - store?

    Hi, does anyone know where one could purchase such an item, not for me you understand :o honest..........
  9. Howard

    Here it comes.... get your gloves and hats on !! Woo hoo !!! :bannana:
  10. Koolvin

    Driving gloves

    anyone here have driving gloves? please post your pics!!!
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