1. D

    Om646 evo glow plug replacement

    Hi guys, Any tips on glow plug replacement,other than don't snap them off . I would do a lol but if that happens no one is laughing. Will lube well,use torque wrench on removal and refit. Do I need to ream the glowplug holes and if so any ideas where to get a tool to fit the...
  2. Herishi

    Glow time output stage (Glow plug relay) can bus?

    doe anyone know if the glow time output stage is on the can bus on a 211 2007 3.0 V6 Diesel? Part number A 642 900 58 01 I have a glow plug warning light on my dash ( though no issues starting) and when I read the error codes I get a Can Controller "Can bus OFF 1 2 4 8" error Thank for...
  3. K

    Glow Plugs etc.

    Had the car at MB Medway 10 days ago for to do No.6 glowplug........used the car twice since then and second time the glow plug light on again:doh: Read the error codes and this time worked it out and it was No.2 gone kaput. So already having had in the last 2years 4,5 and now 6 just done...
  4. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 - Glow plug Relay / Controller

    Been looking to see how much it would cost to get the Glow Plug Relay repaired / replaced on a 2011 E200 CDI W212 series. It appears that the OEM part is Beru. Beru Parts Catalogue: eCatalogue | Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket Part No: Beru: GSE111 Mercedes: A6511530279 (A 651...
  5. Bigdw

    Glow plugs w221 s320 cdi

    I need to replace the glow plugs on my 2006 w221 S320cdi, the engineer who services my car advised Me to use Mercedes originals as he fitted a set of Bosch ones to a 320cdi engine and the car started having problems, ended up taking it to Mercedes they told him that The Bosch ones caused Voltage...
  6. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 - Glow plug Part Number?

    Can anyone be kind enough to confirm the Glow Plug part number please for: 2011 E200 CDI W212 OM 651.925 Mercedes Part No? Also, NGK or Beru or Bosch - which are original and which re best please?
  7. D

    Glow plug, upstream lambda and DPS

    Hi my engine light came on a couple of days ago (CLS320CDI 2006) after plugging into a friends very expensive program it shows problerms with differential pressure sensor, number 6 cylinder glow plug and upstream lambda sensor. I plan to change these items myself but my questions are:- 1. do I...
  8. M

    2011 E200 CDI W212 Glow plug Cylinder 1

    So I have a W212 E200 CDI Auto with the following fault: Fault: The output for glow plug (cylinder 1) has an electrical fault or interruption. Questions: 1. Are the glow plugs the same as the E220/E250? 2. Any image / diagram to show where my one is located? 3. Is it easy to access /...
  9. tron

    Correct glow plug ID, please

    1996 built S124 e300D n/a OM606.910. I need to find the correct glow plug having managed to get number six out with no more than care, a good 12mm socket and an hour's patience. The tee shirt was, however, nearly new and I am in trouble. If anybody can confirm Y-930U which NGK list up to May...
  10. CLSMark

    Glow plug relay location

    I have a cls 350cdi Anyone know off hand where this is situated? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Markssl

    Glow plug relay. Which one

    I need to buy a new relay. Loads on EBay. I called a Merc specialist who tells me there are two types one for steel glow plugs and one for ceramic glow plugs. I can get a Beru one for about £100. Merc want £195. Or I can get a relay and plug set. Any advice please? Sent from my iPhone using...
  12. Y

    w211 e320cdi glow plug light

    hello, new to this forum and looking some advice please. ive a 2005 e320cdi with around 110k. its starting fine however now once the glow plug light goes off after starting the car it comes back on again for a couple of minutes before going off. its due a serive soon and the guy who works on it...
  13. expandyman

    W211 Om642 Glow Plugs Question

    Had my glow plugs replaced this week for the 1st time in 10 years and 87k. Curious as to why the two remaining good ones (Resistance <1 Ohm) are still look bright and almost as new, where as the dead ones are quite heavily corroded. Is this normal or indicative of some other fault lurking ?
  14. D

    Easy question: Location of glow plug relay 2007 E320

    Whilst lying here with the lurgy, I was contemplating the upcoming changing of the glow plug relay. I've realised I don't know where it is, so I thought the forum might like to enlighten me, as inevitably I going to end up doing it in the dark and rain with a slightly dodgy torch and a...
  15. D

    2007 E320CDi glow plug light on

    The glowplug light on my 2007 E320CDi has come on. The light comes on as normal, goes off and then I start the engine. Immediately the light comes back on and stays on for about a minute. It started behaving like this for a week or so, then it cleared itself and behaved normally for a...
  16. A

    Glow plugs for e300 td

    Hi , just wonder wether these plugs will fit my e300 td w210 FAE 74147 Bosch 0250201035 or i have to order Bosch 0250201038 please help and what the difference if any ?? ,
  17. L

    ML (W164) Glow Plugs

    Recently the glow plug light has been staying on for a while after start-up. My 'expert' recommends replacing all glow plugs and the module. Is this the way forward? Note my expert has nothing to gain by his recommendation. If the advice had come from a dealer, I would be taking it with a pinch...
  18. D

    320cdi V6 glow plug controller problem

    Hi, My problem is on a W211 320cdi V6 (2008) for which I don't find a solution in the existing treats. In the morning, the car will not start immediately, but when you preheat 3 or 4 times before starting, it starts without any problem. Because the glow plug controller is a common...
  19. F

    om606 glow plugs

    Im about to enter the exciting sphere of glow plug removal :wallbash: and so I had a thought... as you do Would the glow plugs last longer if you were able to to put a switch in the circuit so as to stop them cycling on / off when the engine was hot? I'm trying to get Beru plugs and a reamer...
  20. wadeyblue

    Glow plug light comes on

    My glow plug light sometimes comes on at wrong time. Can travel miles from engine cold to normal running temp with no problem. If I stop for 10 mins or so when I re start and run short distance the glow plug light comes for a time while running then goes out but may come back on. Any ideas I...
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