1. D

    Glowplug Light Stays On For A While

    I have a 2009 CLC200. I have no problems starting however the glow plug stays on for about 30 seconds whilst driving then goes out. Whats does this mean, faulty glow plug(s)? Thanks.
  2. StMarks

    Vito 639 Glowplug light re-illumination

    My Vito 639 109cdi has recently developed a new issue. When starting from cold, the Glowplug warning light illuminates for a few seconds as usual. However a few seconds after I have started the engine the Glowplug light now re-illuminates for about 30 seconds. The van starts & runs fine, so...
  3. R

    w211 glowplug powercable

    Hello Does anyone know, where the fuse to powercable to glowplug are? I was installing it to my glowplug, and suddenly i hit chassis, and it starts to spark. 2 mins after i got this "Battery protection" and my AC wasent working. But after 30 min, its was ok.
  4. Charles Morgan

    OM606 glowplug no 3 removal -

    I have a 300D W124 that needs to get on the road and as starting has been getting progressively more difficult, I am changing the glowplugs. Four have come out with oodles of penetrating oil soaking for days, 5 is coming with more soaking (I figured that lots of soaking will help, no rush), but...
  5. Y

    w203 12v glowplug relay wire

    hi all wondering if someone can help me out, my car has glowplug light on scanned and its coming up with short circuit to positive i have check volts at the 12v wire and only has 6v running i put 12v direct from bat to relay and the glowplug light switched off till i removed the wire direct from...
  6. Y

    glowplug output stage short circuit to positive

    glow output stage short circuit to positive hi all my cars has a problem glowplug lights is always on i have check all 4 plugs which read 0 ohms the relay reads 17 ohms at all 4 points i have opened up the relay and it looks good testing voltage at power wire i gt 0 volts all...
  7. V

    Glowplug replacement on Vito, how difficult?

    Hey everyone :D The glow plug light comes on for a minute after starting engine so likely a bad plug or two so thinking to replace them all it's a 2009 Vito V6 3litre 120cdi (w639) cant seem to find much info on my vehicle about it, how difficult is this job to do and what tools would...
  8. V

    glowplug light intermittent issue

    Hi All Recently changed all glow plugs as ohms readings of 3 were way off, so 5 new went in. Retested new ones as well. Plugs harness tested too and with plugs connected readings are 1.1ohms on all. Read voltage on all 6 socket pins in the GP Relay and all read the battery. Theres another...
  9. F

    C350 cdi 2010 glowplug warning light

    Hi guys, I need help, when I start the car after a few seconds my glow plug warning light light up in my dash, it stays on for about 15 seconds then goes off, and some times comes back for a few seconds or even flashes up quickly , longest it stays on is about 20 seconds Any ideas???
  10. B

    2007 E320 glowplug fault

    Hi Guys, Glowplug light staying on longer than usual today, just put the diagnostics on the engine, it's showing faulty glow plug no6, looking at the engine (from the front of car) which is no6 glow plug please so i can change it tomorrow. thanks in advance Bob
  11. M

    X164 Glow Plug Controller Change

    Here's a photo trial from a sucessful glow plug controller (relay) change on the 4.0 V8 diesel. GL420Cdi, ML420Cdi and, no doubt, the S420Cdi. Follow the link for the photo story of how I did it. Also the same method to get to anything on the top of the engine...
  12. K

    Glowplug relay

    Hi. I have been told that I need to replace my glowplug relay but the Fuse Allocation chart doesn't show which one it is. Can anyone describe to me which one I need to change? Car is a 2009 C Class 350 CDi Estate Thanks Tony C
  13. M

    Vito 108CDi V plate Washer jets not working, and glowplug warning light always on

    The front windscreen washer jets are not working. There is fluid present. There is no noise of a motor when pressing the washer switch with the ignition on. There are two wires going to the motor: a black/purple/red wire, suspected to be the feed from the switch, and a brown wire, suspected to...
  14. J

    Glowplug wont go out

    My first post on here so hope someone can help.. Thanks in advance.. When i start my E320 cdi (2003) the glowplug light stays on ,however once the car is warm and its switched off it will go out as normal every time its started for the rest of the day .
  15. D

    w202 glowplug issue

    Hi all, (this was declared when I bought the car)... Going through the service history, it shows the glowplugs were changed last time at 129k (it's done 179k) in January 2008, prior to that at 62k (no issues then). When the job was done in Jan 08, it was reported that they were all...
  16. 219

    Glowplug problem .

    The glow plugs on the W124 E250D seem to have started acting up . My OH , Jan , who drives it tells me that it has been difficult to start lately and the light does not come on prior to start up , but sometimes comes on whilst driving ! Not knowing a lot about Diesel engines , I had a quick...
  17. S

    Failed Glowplug Removal

    Tried to remove my faulty Glowplug today and snapped it. Took plenty of time, soaked the plug in plus gas and even worked it back and forth to get it loose Failed snapped in half. I was left with a Glowplug top, thread and electrode inner. The other bit is stuck in the head. Now am I...
  18. S

    Glowplug Changing Tips

    I have the dreaded glowplug light lasting for about 1min after starting. It looks like I will have to get the tools out:eek: I have read a lot of horror stories of snapping the little buggers in the head. So what tips can people suggest? (I don't want to take it to a garage) Cheers Steve
  19. E

    Broken or seized Glowplug

    Had two seized glow plugs in my 98 300TD Got them removed at Price engineering (see link below) Services Two plugs took 2.5 hours to remove. Price engineering have developed special tools to reduce drilling. Don't waste your money buying drilling and cutting tools and risk damaging your...
  20. mobeyone

    E280 cdi glowplug faultcode

    So I am about to collect my car and am told that the 5th plug is showing a fault code... And is stuck in and has to be taken to mercedes to be removed. No probs! But I need the car next week, am I ok to drive it for a week before it goes in? Good news is the car is otherwise mint and has...
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