1. R

    Snapped glowplugs. Light on permenent plz help

    Hello I changed my gp and cyl 1-2 snapped off I changed 3-4-5, assembled car, but my gp light won't switch off. Even if I remove the 3 pin from relay.(no blown fuses on relay) Bought one 4 cyl relay, and still the same. Light won't turn off in dashboard How can I switch the light off...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    how proned are the glowplugs for snapping?

    I need to change my glow plugs on my 3.0v6cdi but cant bring myself to do it for fear of them snapping!! how proned are these for snapping i have heard all sorts of scary stories but unsure if they were refering to the straight 6 diesel. Anyways i know they need done anyone got a list of things...
  3. H

    Clk320cdi no voltage to 4 of 6 glowplugs ???

    Hi. Assumed glowplugs were goosed as my clk takes a few seconds to start. Thought to sort it before it gets colder so whipped off glowplug sockets to find only voltage to 2 rearmost on right bank and none to left bank or right front cylinder. (What cylinder humbers are these?) Anyway, can...
  4. M

    ML 270CDI W163 Glowplugs

    Just replaced a second glowplug at 47K miles, the first one went in June at 44K miles, so it looks like they are coming to the end of their life, and I can expect more to go soon. I've been lucky, the first to go was number 3 which is the easiest to access, number 4 has just gone and I had to...
  5. S

    202 2.5 diesel glowplugs

    Put a set of BERU plugs in last year theyve done 35,000 miles one went last week replaced it with a spare now another gone,time to change the lot think Ill try the Duraterms next has anyone longevity confirmation with these and are the Chromiums any better Standard part no: 0250201038...
  6. G


    Was driving down the M1 last fri when the glowplug light popped on, 10 mins later went out, following morning started car and it ran like a bag of nails for about 20 secs then all ok. Took it straight to my indie who plugged it in and came up with relay fault. luckily he always keeps one in...
  7. M

    270 CDI Glowplugs (W163)

    Noticed that the glowplug light on the instrument panel hadn't gone out after the engine had started. First off dabbed a wire from the battery positive in turn to the tip of each plug. Found one that didn't give a spark. Measured that one with my multimeter and found it was open circuit, luckily...
  8. Druk

    Which glowplugs?

    I'm offered NGK glowplugs for £5 each cheaper than Beru. Any thoughts/ objections to NGK plugs please? For an E300TD 606.962 engine. .
  9. N

    Glow Plugs - 2 out at same time ??

    Hi all First post here so be gentle, and yes I am a girly !! I have a beloved W124 300D which has just clocked 300,000 miles, and I love her but I have just had a problem with my glow plug light on the dash, it now doesn't come on until AFTER the car has started, and then for 1 minute...
  10. holbay


    Hi guys i have just spoken to my local parts supplier about a set of glowplugs for my 1998 E300 Td and he asked if the car has an immobiliser or not, so question is what difference would an immobiliser make to the glowplugs.. Thanks George..
  11. flat6buster

    glowplugs - replace all or replace failed?

    Hello Just had a main dealer service and they changed 2 of the glowplugs as the glowplug lamp was staying on (plugs 4 & 5). That was last week. This morning glowplug lamp comes on again. Has me thinking that maybe these glowplugs should all be replaced at the same time as if one has gone...
  12. S


    Hi everyone, I`ve just bought my first ever Merc. after years of Italian car infatuation. It`s a second-hand C320cdi estate with 105k miles and full Merc. service history. The glowplug light stays on for about 30 secs after start-up. A computer diagnosis by a local specialist says glowplugs 3...
  13. M

    glowplugs and edc light

    hi im wondering if any1 can help me i have a 1997 c220 deisel when i turn the ignition on i wait for the glowplug light to go out when i start the car the light comes back on for 2 mins or so i know i need to change the glowplugs but the problem is the edc light keeps coming on and the car goes...
  14. SilverSaloon

    can glowplugs fail and then work again?

    hi a few months back, it appeared that one or more of my glowplugs were faulty, ie the light failed to come on with the ignition but then came on about a minute after starting for about 30 seconds..... it did this for about 2 months. i decided to leave it until i had time to fix, but...
  15. F

    vito 120 glowplugs

    Hi My first post Got a vito 120 and what a beast, Got 43000 on clock and when i start the glow plug stays on for about 30sec then goes off. Also came on once whilst doing 90 (i meen 70). Any ideas? :dk:
  16. T

    Allparts sell Bosch Duraterm glowplugs for E300 multivalves

    meant to be good when running on veg. pretty hard to find but Allparts Automotive stock them as standard or can normally get them in in 24hr from another branch. Cost me £5.24+VAT per plug.
  17. compress ignite

    Bosch Duraterm Chromium Glowplugs

    3 year warranty! NOBODY on this side of the Atlantic has even heard of them! 'Called Bosch USA in Farmington...
  18. D

    Glowplugs and Whining!

    My 2000 E220 CDI always becomes ill when winter come around! and this year its no different. the bain of my life has now thrown another problem at me, just when i was getting over my last costly expense 4 weeks ago (a £662 alternator!) anyway the prob is this i have a glowplug light...
  19. G

    270 CDi Injectors and Glowplugs..

    Well after my post about finding the PAS reservoir, and some kindly member pointing out that I had what looked like a blowby on No1, today got the car back from it's 5th visit to Road Range.... Now had all 5 injectors and seals replaced, paid for by selling dealer - good job as I believe they...
  20. A

    190d Injectors and glowplugs

    I will be replacing injectors and glowplugs on 2.5 diesel this weekend. Is there anything that i should be carefull about???
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