1. HB

    Glycol has finally caught up with gearbox

    Guys, the dreaded glycol has eventually caught up with my gearbox despite having all the plumbing changed 40k ago (It's lasted really well) So, I need a used 722.6 five speed auto. It's a W211 Il6 320cdi. Any thoughts please ?
  2. A

    W211 E270 CDI transmission glycol contamination

    I've got an '02 W211 E270 CDi (produced in March). I suspect that my car suffers from the Valeo radiator problem leading to glycol contamination into the ATF, at least the oil did smell a bit like antifreeze, the rpm wandered a bit between 1,200 and 2,000 rpm on light load. There was also a...
  3. B

    Valeo Radiator leaking glycol into auto gearbox 2002-2004 all models involved

    valeo rad can cause tranny death with glycol contamination. below 3 lists of affected cars. the list has been verified as MB list by MB finland. however it's completeness/correctness has not. according to MB spareparts service central (and others pretty trustworhty sources) in finland there...
  4. O

    clk gearbox

    Hi, does anyone know if a CLK W209 2006 2.2 cdi gearbox will fit into a CLK W209 2003 2.7cdi as my gearbox has gone down the dreaded valeo radiator path, ie glycol in the transmission oil.
  5. Mr Fixit

    C32 Glycol fix;- oil cooler bypass 'undo'

    Just got the car back from an initila check at a dealer, aside from the front bearing and a few bits (front anti roll bar+ bushes) we are in good shape. However the guys pointed out that the oil cooler had been bypassed with a simple link across the box, with the original pipes simply cut off...
  6. J

    glycol contamination on 2003 W209 CLK55

    Hi guys, had my car just a few days now. Mostly I have been driving the car in manual mode with the paddle gears which is a lot of fun, but now I've got that out of my system I've switched back to Standard Auto. I'm gonna book the car in for a glycol test, later this week, but am trying to...
  7. Billy albert

    I did the glycol test on c32 and was positive

    But only a little bit so changing rad , full flush solenoid and see if that helps
  8. C

    Glycol - is my potential purchase at risk?

    Hi all, Newbie first post - arrange to view a Merc CLK 500 tomorrow and wondering if im at risk from this Glycol issue ref the Valeo Radiators. I`ve searched and am finding it difficult to clarify as my car has a date on the V5 of 01/09/03 VIN number is WDB2093752F071211 Can...
  9. Z

    Should i be worried? (W211 glycol issue)

    Hi guys. I had my 500 in for change of cooling system, cooling lines and converter in january 2011 at a Mercedes dealership because of the glycol issue. Yesterday I took a look at the crimping of the radiator and to my surprise, the only thing I could see is tooth-shaped crimping like on...
  10. HB

    Has glycol struck my E320 cdi ???

    Right guys. Last week the gearbox was juddering under light applications. 104k so I thought lets change the ATF. Steven at Borthwick and Malloch one of thew best Merc specialists in the country changed the fluid and hey presto it became smooth as hell.On the way to Manchester on Saturday, the...

    Glycol issue on W211 gearbox

    I was crying into my beer as 2 Mercedes specialists had diagnosed a juddering drive at low throttle and medium revs to be the lunched gearbox and torque convertor due to the contamination issue. I had also thought the same after reading many threads on it. Both garages drove the car and put it...
  12. M

    Glycol in Gearbox

    My 2003 Mercedes C220 has been tested positive for glycol in transmission oil by my local MB dealer. They say it's low range and submitted the Eskulab (goodwill) application to MB Maastricht. There's a small amount of goodwill on the parts but it will still cost me the earth to have the...
  13. A

    symtoms glycol contamination

    Hi Guys, I have been reading a lot on the glycol contamination issues for the w203/209/211 up to 9/2003 on this forum. I myself have recently imported a w209 production date 03/2003 from Germany (I reside in NL) with about 40k mileage. It drives very smooth and i dont seem to have any probs...
  14. I

    CLK 209 240 Glycol maybe issue?

    Hi all first post on here... just brought this car 2 days ago and have NOW read about the famous Glycol issue. my questions are: is mine in the zone? it is 209361 which makes me think it isn't from some lists, but then it is a 112 engine and a 722696 box! which lists say is bad so I had...
  15. Satch

    Glycol contamination test kits States for use testing oils so presume that covers ATF as well. £70 ish inc VAT but enough to run 25 tests, so maybe something for sharing or an "activity" at a GTG activity. Could run a sweep on how many have potentially...
  16. league67

    03 W211 270 cdi and failed glycol test

    Lately my luck with cars is, well not very good. Problem : Developed judder between 10-30 mph. Dealer did diagnostics, found coolant in atf fluid. According to them there is a leak inside radiator. Problem reported to dealer 1mnth out of warranty with 56k on the clock FMBSH. Dealer replace...
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