1. tonyc280

    Auto Glym on dash

    Well ran out of my normal and obviously silicone based Dash Board cleaner so tried some of the above and happy to say two filthy white cloths later and a dull instead of shinny finish i'm very happy. In fact who needs a shinny dash full stop. T.
  2. tonyc280

    Auto Glym Extra Gloss Protection

    Well applied the above after i had used Maguires cutting compound then Maguires polish and it seems to have "Dulled" the surface some what. Think ill just polish her and leave it at that. Must admit the Maguires is the best and easiest product i have ever used and my black Motorcycle looks...
  3. Dand

    Auto Glym leather balm

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this is a daft question but can AG leather balm go off? The bottles about two years old and is stored in a warm dry room. I just applied some to my front seats using the same method i normally use and insted of gettin nice soft leather and a nice leathery smell ive...
  4. 2

    Recaro C Classic leather, AMG Aero 1 Alloys, Audio 20 CD Changer, Meguiars+Auto Glym

    Hi guys, Very reluctantly I'm having to sell a few items, took some time to acquire and was hoping.. dreaming rather to get my own project up and running. I guess thats on pause for another few years...:( It does give me a chance to finally clear up a few unwanted things. I'm looking to set...
  5. smillion

    Aqua Wax by Auto Glym - a revelation

    Just bought an Aqua Wax pack having had it demonstrated at a local motor show - what a revelation. You spray it on to a wet, just washed car, rub it in with one cloth and buff off with a second. Fantastic :rock: On our very dark metallic RX8 washing the car was always aggro in trying to get...
  6. F

    Auto Glym Polish

    Just a quick question - those of you who use Auto Glym products i.e. Super Resin Polish etc. do you use circular motions to buff polish/wax off (as per instructions) and if so does it leave behind swirls on your paint work? Good thing about silver is that swirls show very minimal. In...
  7. F

    Auto Glym “Radiant Wax Polish”

    Auto Glym “Radiant Wax Polish” Has anyone used or heard of this product before? I have been advised that is what Auto Glym sell to the “trade”/used car dealers so that the cars look their best on the forecourt. Apparently, is supposed to be a two in one product as have been told is a...
  8. Goldfish11

    Auto Glym - Ultra Deep Shine

    AutoGlym launched there first new polish in many years. It is called Ultra Deep Shine and is designed for Dark Cars. I have contacted Autoglym today to ask some technical questions. Ultra Deep Shine is a very mild polish which includes fillers, these waxes fill in mild swirls and paint...
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