1. Martin clk

    Gmail Inbox

    Does anyone have any invites??? Gagging for one.
  2. N

    gmail - change new look back to old look?

    Can that be done?
  3. d w124

    Gmail account dissabled

    Can someone help on this please??The account has been been disabled and is doing my head as I need some info from it asap They`re saying they need to clarify that the age is old enough to have an account.They`re telling me three options 1.Sending in a signed form via mail or fax with a...
  4. R

    Gmail account hacked... some of you may know, my Google mail account was hacked today, meaning that a strange email with a potentially malicious link was sent to anybody on my mailing list. My question is, how can this happen? And how I can I prevent it happening again, given that I have AVG protection?
  5. S

    Gmail and POP3

    For some reason although I keep the password stores MS Outlook 2003 keeps giving me a pop up requesting a username and password. The correct details are stored but it keeps popping up. I have not been able to send emails right for a few days. Everytime MS outlook 2003 does its send recieve...
  6. WLeg

    GMail + Blackberry

    Does anyone know..... If I use an old blackberry, GMail, Google Contacts+Calender, and the google mail sync application, so I need the blackberry (either BIS or BES) APN on my Vodafone account ? - Or will it just work with internet access ? (Just looking for a cheaper way of getting push(ish)...
  7. Gucci

    Do I need an invite for a Gmail account?

    ....iphone not playing ball, and the likes of HughJarse have said how good the accounts are...can anyone invite me?!! (please) :o
  8. BenzComander


    OK. have had no problems with my gmail account, but recently we cannot reply to any emails from about 4.00pm until the next morning. Any ideas why this is happening? Cheers,
  9. BenzComander

    Trouble sending email on gmail?

    Hi, is anybody else having trouble sending email with Outlook to their gmail account? It is OK collecting the mail, but will not send it, get error message: 0x800ccc0e any ideas please, was working fine up until about 5.00pm this evening? cheers,
  10. BenzComander


    I use Outlook to download my emails from my gmail account, but this afternoon I received some emails into my gmail account but Outlook did not download them?? Anybody any ideas why?? Cheers,
  11. Roy Newling

    Gmail invitation please

    Does anyone have a gmail invitation please. :)
  12. S

    Anyone got a spare Gmail invite?

    Could some kind soul help me out please? thanks in advance...
  13. Flyer

    GMail Invites ...

    Anyone got a GMail invite they could send me? :) Bit freaked out today after I posted a message on a usenet group, using my company email address, and someone (a very helpful person, I might add) did a bit of research and called me on my home telephone to offer the advice to me personally...
  14. Koolvin

    get your G-mail accounts here

    hxxp:// replace hxxp:// with http:// or You can get 3gig of storage at instantly
  15. sym

    gmail invites

    I have some spare Google gmail beta invites if anybody is interested in an account. 1Gb web based email storage. First come, first served ... PM me your email address if interested. S.
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