1. @MARK


    As you know, my car has been in and out of the dealer for the last 10 months. Nearly all the visits have been related to rattles coming from the dashboard area. So after lots of attempts to fix things, the car spent two weeks solid at the dealer whilst they stripped the dash and put it back...
  2. Alfie

    Gobsmacked by the penultimate comment from this customer

    Took a phone call this morning that went like this; Hello comand. Hi this is xxxxx in car specialists here. Hello Can you tell us if the video input is PAL or NTSC? What car is it? A black series AMG mercedes. Okay, it will be NTSC. Is this for a reversing camera.? Yes. Okay then. Are...
  3. Ian B Walker


    Yep totally Gobsmacked. I had a customer come to my place yesterday with a rust free car. Nothing unusual about that is there? But it was a W210 :eek: T reg 240. I spent a good 20 mins looking for rust but failed. Suggested to customer that he contact Mb and have it put in a museum. :D So...
  4. Ian B Walker


    I just have to write about this. The shed went in for its MoT this morning. The examiner mentioned that the rear pipes for the suspention were rusting, slight groan from me. next he said that the front l/h brake was not quite as it should be, but new pads would rectify the problem. He also said...
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