1. C

    Golden Crown Jewel - 94 w202 project

    hi there! my name is Costin, i.m 21 an i'm from Romania since 2010 i own a 94 c180 w202 classic after 3 and something years of work here is the list of mods:) Exterior: -candy gold colour -amg aero 2 rims refurbished, polished lips and custom gold colour -avantgarde grille -headlight...
  2. Marvin16x

    Price of 'Old Golden Hen' Ale

    Hi all, it would be great if somebody could tell me the bottle price of this wonderful liquid? :D I'd like to have some imported as we only brought empty bottles from our GB trip ... :doh: Cheers Marvin

    The golden age of the british sports car.

    As stated...BBC4 at 2100hrs. Magnificent Machines.

    BBC4 10PM The Golden age of the British sports car

    As the title....Magnificent Machines.
  5. developer

    10 Golden Rules Of MB Club UK

    Actually it's from The Times/Radio 2, and is about Twitter, however, which ones read across to here? I post it as a bit of fun, so feel free to remove it, before (instead of) amputating my cyber fingers........ Twitter IS publishing. Putting it out there for others to read is publishing...
  6. W

    DTM History - The Golden Years

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it when here it is. Makes me want a 190 now :) Gw-AxiVqihM?hd=1
  7. smoothrider

    now owning: a golden hued 300 SE W126

    its in great nick, but would love to hear from fellow owner what you do to take care of yours!!
  8. BaldGuy

    Golden era DTM BMW E30 M3 and Mercedes-Benz 190 E

    Awesome vid.... YouTube - Golden era DTM BMW E30 M3 and Mercedes-Benz 190 E
  9. H

    Oily and golden

    '94 W202 c180 Was hoping to catch some advice on what oil to get. I heard that German cars work well with Castrol edge (Halfrauds £45 with free toolbox) but 0W40 seems very performance-related, and there was another at 5W40 or so. Im sure EDGE is good but I want to know which visc grade...
  10. Paul

    Auto dimming mirror. Life is golden!!!!

    Hi everyone, Im still here just been very busy :crazy: . Anyway back to my problem, My drivers door mirror has dimmed and wont return to normal. It's now constantly golden in colour. The heating and electric movement are all working. It's purely the dimming bit that has gone wrong...
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