1. JustIgnore

    2004 Golf mk4 2.0 GTI

    Hi. Up for sale is my Golf 2.0 GTi as I am moving abroad to Germany. Mileage: 126000 MOT Till November 2017 I purchased the car back in February. It had new pads and discs front. I did an oil + filter change and fixed a faulty wheel bearing and leaking CV boot. Car drives really...
  2. CLSMark

    Any Golf fans in here?

    Thought I'd mention the decline of a genuine megastar that is Tiger Woods. As The Specials once said " Too Much Too Young " Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  3. GreetMe

    Is a W204 C63 narrower than a Mk7 Golf R?

    Looking at them both I'd have said the C63 was wider but I can't find a definitive answer online. Some sites list the Merc as a few cm narrower (199.7cm vs. 202.7cm); others list it as slightly wider (203.1cm vs. 202.7cm). I'm assuming this is because some lists include the mirrors in the...
  4. J

    Re-registering Golf, thats not on SORN database?

    I have a Golf GTI, which has been garaged for 18 years, in my Mums name. It never got on SORN database and I obviously never have scrapped it as such. If I take it for an MOT, will it still come up on their computer do you think? And if not how do you go about re-registering it? It...
  5. gr1nch

    Spot of golf with your A service, Sir?

    Seen on the wall in MB Ashford this week. What other inducements have been seen in other MB dealers. Any of real value? Wouldn't mind a voucher for Eurotunnel of Ferry for 1, or even better, 2 way journey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *...
  6. cooks

    Vw golf tdi

    Iv been told my gearbox on my VW Golf has gone by VAG,CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND anything or anyone please. Sorry i know this is a Mb Forum.:mad:
  7. D

    Golf... the VW kind.

    As some know I've had ups and downs over the years with my step-son. Today he turned 21, and has actually matured into a pleasant and hard working young man. My one frustration is his lack of driving... He now works for a major insurance company and gets 50% off his insurance. So time to...
  8. mark44

    A45 vs golf r vs rs3

    I'm looking at swapping out the missus' dull-as-dishwater golf mk7 tdi with something a similar size bit nippier - obviously I'll never be driving it :rolleyes: Must be auto, 5dr with parking sensors and heated seats (have to make some concessions), with some manufacturers warranty remaining...
  9. D

    Golf umbrella

    Has anyone sold their complementary MB golf umbrella if so what's the going rate£ and how much did the postage cost as its around 106cm in length? Cheers:thumb:
  10. brucemillar

    A very clean Golf.
  11. Darrell

    Golf 1.6 diesel help

    Gents, One of the guys at work has a 62 plate 1.6litre diesel Golf. A warning light came on the dash and has been traced via a code reader to read as 'cylinder 4 glow plug circuit/open' Any ideas please.
  12. nickjonesn4

    Golf R vs E55K

    Finally took the E55 out yesterday for a decent run after putting 1000 miles on the Golf in first month of ownership. Interesting comparing an £80k car from 11 years ago to a £40k car now. Some big pros and cons of both... Noise - obviously E55 hands down winner. Car sounds dynamite since EC...
  13. AMGeed

    VW Golf 0-320kph

    OK, its not MB, but this is highly impressive. An RS6 V10 twin turbo in a Golf:eek: /watch?v=6aeBrUlaqLg For those who can't see embedded videos
  14. M

    Mercedes Style Edition Garia Golf Car - Video

    Mercedes Style Edition Garia Golf Car r4X-eEGgIkU
  15. U

    Golf 1.9 TDI Mark 5 Wanted

    WANTED 1.9 TDI Mark 5 golf Manual Gearbox car and 5 door Up to £2500 k ANYONE ??????????
  16. dan-mb

    Vidoe-S63 AMG gets smashed up with a golf club! Pretty brutal on the S63 AMG 4MATIC.
  17. The _Don

    Man Smashes Mercedes With Golf Club In Protest - S63 Amg

    Ignore duplicate post.
  18. I

    S63 v Golf Club

    Apparently the result of poor customer service, who'll be the first to suggest T-Cut. ;-)
  19. portzy

    New, to me, '57 Golf Plus Luna

    I have 1st refusal on a very well cared for Golf Plus for a silly, (significantly below bottom book), price. It's not going to replace my SLK but rather be run alongside to become my fishing and general day to day runner. If I proceed there are a few upgrades and mods that I want to carry...
  20. J

    Golf R32

    Yes I know she aint a Merc, BUT! I have a customer selling his wifes loved and cherished 57 reg Golf R32. I have looked after this car for the last 4 years and to say its perfect is an understatement. Its low mileage and is specced to the hilt, has DSG, Sat Nav +++ As you would expect full...
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