1. Alex225

    This is gonna sting!

    My other half's SL350 is in with DDR in Surrey to have the roof issues repaired. The electric boot lid had some intermittent issues at the end of last year whereby the it would unlock but not lift. If you gently lifted the boot it would open and the soft close worked fine every single time...
  2. ioweddie

    How much they gonna charge me?

    1st Service due in the next few weeks, 'A' Service on a 2016 model c220d AMG Line Premier Plus Estate, done 3500 miles, basically an oil change, will I get any change from £300? Being done at Esplanade Isle of Wight.
  3. Bert_W164

    Can't afford V8? Its Ok we're all gonna make it.

    For those of you who lust V8, but can't have V8 there's a solution for you. However before we explore solution, let us explore causation. Why cannot you have V8? - Fuel consumption. - Lady friend controls your spenditure. - You can't handle V8. - V8 does not want you. - You cannot afford V8. -...
  4. R

    Rash ain't gonna like this....

    I drove to Silverstone for the F1 and Silverstone's car park (Field) did this to R2:eek: Rash, no detailing spray is gonna touch this so I've gone and bought some Zymol Auto Wash which you use with something called water!! Results to follow!
  5. M

    Gonna hurt tomorrow!

    Had a nasty incident cycling home this evening. I was passing a row of virtually stationary traffic on the offside of the cars but on the nearside of the white line. As I approached a BMW he looked in his mirror and kindly moved a little to the kerb for which I gave him a thumbs up as I passed...
  6. S

    Gonna sell my W203, but.....

    So I've got a W204 lined up to buy and after four years of ownership, my trusty W203 needs to go Question is what the hell should I ask for it? It's a facelift Elegance SE estate 220 diesel in silver with the odd car park dink, but otherwise an awesome body. No leather but has 18inch...
  7. J

    Dont read this unless your gonna be nice!

    OK its a BMW 520d manual 2007 model wiith 80k on the clock. Yup its a BMW, I KNOW.......... please dont tell me what your itching to type (that includes you sonny:D) So day 3 of ownership.. Well its great but does have a whine when going through the box under engine braking, say your in...
  8. N

    Someone's gonna wake up dead.

    Bernie mugged outside his home | Planet F1 | Formula One News
  9. B

    The Boss ain't gonna like this W124 cab for sale

    Saw a lovely W124 (C124) convertible - it was an N reg, silver, black leather and black roof, e320 sportline with 11k miles on the clock -- owner apparently looking for 17,000 pounds. Now I know the Boss' cab has the heritage grill :)- but that can't be worth more than a couple of grand, can it?;)
  10. NW_Merc

    Who ya gonna call?

    1989 MERCEDES 200TE AUTO WHITE GHOSTBUSTERS UNIQUE on eBay (end time 26-Apr-10 15:39:59 BST)
  11. The Boss

    Is this gonna become a common sight?

    This is quite a sad sight. I mean, the car is so new, yet i have seen so many on the back of a tow.. i know there are teething problems, but SOO MAANNNYYY??? This is possibly the 5th new e class i have seen being transported... This was not the case in the 80's nor the early 90's... will we...
  12. The Boss

    Im gonna be selling my E350... selling advice appreciated!

    Ladies, Gents. Im selling my E350. If interested, get in touch - 07947 222 802 Any advice of where i should advertise her or anyone you know looking, please let me know.. Attached is a Youtube Vid to see and some pics, please let me know what you think of the new alloys i fitted recently...
  13. merc180k

    Radio Controlled Car - It's gonna cost me!!

    Having been at my parents house, my young son took a shine to my old (well at least 15 yrs) radio controlled car. Bad news is that it needs a bit of work to get it going again. :mad: Having to give myself a crash course in model mechanics and engineering again and cannot seem to find the...
  14. NW_Merc

    If you're gonna show off at least know how

  15. chriswt

    A BMW/Merc. You're not gonna like it!

    I think this is quite interesting but I'm guessing that a few of you won't be happy!!! On Piston Head - http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/308723.htm On Website - http://www.beemer-redeemer.com/MercV8.html
  16. Levismerc

    Another CE - you're gonna get sick of me soon!

    Hello again After lots of help from you guys and seeing lots of cars - some dogs, some overpriced, some 'just not right' - I'm off down south to see this ol' W123 CE. It's a five owner car, FSH, MOT 'til Feb and a book full of receipts. It has electric windows/roof, leather, 133k and is a...
  17. Sonny Burnett

    New Here Gonna Show Of Me Car

    hi first time here im usually on the Club202 site but there is a lack of UK folk on there so came on here to find some folk a bit closer to home lol any way check me car.... http://img211.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img2602bn0.jpg http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/694/img260350perzn4.jpg and...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    They're gonna taste grrrrrrrrrrreat!

  19. MercedesBent

    Gonna try an oil change next weekend....

    First time ever attempted one (want to do it more for challenge value than any cost saving) Have had a browse through the Haynes manual....looks easy enough (famous last words) C180 '94 Manual By the looks of it I will need Consumables: Oil Filter Oil (der - suggestions of grade...
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