1. gramey

    This looks good for the money?

    For a two owner car with 86k and a pan roof this looks pretty good for the money although the seat looks pretty rough the mileage the MOT history check seems to confirm the miles. If I hadn't sunk so much money into my SL320 I would seriously consider this as a pan roof is being advertised at...
  2. T

    Any good c350e leasing deals around?

    Had someone call me to try to sell me a c350e estate lease recently. The offer was £333/month on a 9+23 at 10k (so that works out to £10656 for 2 years, or £444/month all-in) and I was wondering if that was a good deal? BTW, the spec was for sports with premium pack and metallic paint. The...
  3. PoleDriver

    Good afternoon from a newbie!

    Hi! I've just bought a 2006 R320CDi. My first foray into the MB world! :) I got it for a reasonable price as there were obviously a few issues with bodywork (being sorted) but I do have a couple of small queries. The aircon controls... The driver's side one works fine, the red LED circle...
  4. danw666

    Ride not so good!!

    HI all... not had my W208 CLK long now. I noticed that if I hit a bump or pot holes in the road the it sounds like my suspension is coming thought my bonnet! lol such a loud bang. this is coming from the front of the car. it is sat on coilovers but there only 6 months old. any ideas guys?
  5. RickyBurrows

    fondmetal are they a good wheel?

    I'm looking at some fondmetal stc10 wheels I really like the design but not sure if there a decent make, has anyone experienced this make of wheel?
  6. B

    Potential owner saying good morning

    Hello all. I don't currently own a Mercedes, but that's potentially going to change soon, so I've signed up to do some research, ask some (possibly stupid) questions and keep an eye on the classified ads. My current car is a Subaru Forester STi, which I've owned for six and a bit years...
  7. jdrrco

    Good spec W124 260E
  8. F

    Where do I find a good independant garage to look after my 1996 S124 E280 Estate?

    Now that I have finally got my E280 estate back from Japan, who should I Use in Aberdeenshire to look after it?
  9. brucemillar

    This is a good wrap.

    Well I like it.
  10. W

    C350 SE coupe 2006 .. are they any good?

    I am thinking about buying one of these and wondered if I should? Are they fun to drive? Any real world experience would be appreciated. Also, a reminder ... is there somewhere on the web you can put chassis number in and get a factory spec? Many thanks!
  11. John

    Good prediction...

    Normally these videos are fairly samey but in this video, fantastic prediction by the follow up rider. (Skip to 3:36)
  12. A

    S210 facelift: good offside Halogen headlight,

    O/S halogen headlight, a replacement OEM unit (due to 2010 crash damage), so the lenses are like new, clear as a bell. ECP price is £110, so £30 and £8 postage. PM me if you'd like a photo emailed to you. Collection welcome and encouraged from London E4.
  13. A

    Good place for air con regas?

    I've looked at some reviews and alot of people complaining that these companies like ATS/Kwik Fit/Halfords tend to cause leaks for air con. I need to have my air con re-gassed anyone recommend where from and costs?
  14. T

    Any good indy specialists in East London?

    Looking for a good indy in East London if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
  15. MikeInWimbledon

    Surprisingly good TV: German car travelogue

    I was suspicious of Paul Hollywood's big continental road trip. OK, we all know he's a petrolhead but would this be more British Bake Off false jeopardy? But last night's episode was good: great images and interesting facts - from the opening sequence of him driving a 600 Grosser, all the way...
  16. clk320x

    Anyone here good with photoshop?

    Hey guys, Is anyone here skilled with photoshop? Would ideally like if someone could photoshop this photo of my car to a few different tint % just to give me an idea of how it would look? Cheers
  17. Red C220

    Genuine MB Bootliner for 212 E class Estate Free to a good home

    I've put this in "interiors" as opposed to classifieds, as firstly I'm not selling it and secondly so people can reply to the thread. So the picture below shows the liner that has been in the boot of our 2014 E Class estate for the last three years. With the car gone yesterday it's now surplus...
  18. B

    price of catalytic converter for a w210? Any good third party ones?

    price of catalytic converter for a w210 from merc? Any good aftermarket ones? I've seen this fairly good w210 e220 cdi online with 216,000km on the odo, about 4000 gbp (from Indian rupees) and i'm guessing this has been changed, and the guy says that the vehicle's never been tampered and i'm...
  19. Alex225

    My Dashcam Good Deed

    Was driving home from a bit of shopping at the weekend and along a road near to me. As you'll see form the pictures, it's fairly narrow but two cars can pass easily provided they stick to their side of the road. Anyway, the car pictured below for some reason decided she'd drive down the...
  20. jon.english68

    Good Friday work out

    Last Friday I decided was the day I attacked the 7G tronic and gave it a service, drained the oil from the pan, removed the aux pump and drained the converter of its oil, replaced the filter and pan gasket using new bolts, refilled with 9lts of blue fluid and away we go, whilst I was at...
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