1. BlackC55

    Benz On The Green 2018 @ GOODWOOD. Your thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, what would you think of Benz On The Green being held at Goodwood next year? Our thought process is that we are sadly outgrowing the pub and Goodwood would be a fantastic place to hold the event, with the capacity of the Chicane Paddock and Hurricane Lawn...
  2. MikeInWimbledon

    Goodwood: which McLaren model is this?

    Someone didn't make it to Goodwood at 6am on Sunday morning. (Both passengers escaped) Two questions: Can anyone Identify the model: 570s ? Lend the owner some T-Cut ? On a more serious note: isn't modern car passive safety phenomenal? McLaren supercar left in twisted...
  3. E63AMG

    Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Hi all Anybody going this year & got any tips? I went a couple of years ago but am sure I never got round half of it! I'm heading down on Friday from Lytham for a full day there on Saturday if anybody fancies a brew. Nige
  4. Tuono-AMG

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th

    Two Goodwood Festival of Speed Entrance and Roving Grandstand Tickets for Friday 30th June 2017 Two Entrance and Roving Grandstand tickets Unfortunately I'm now unable to attend this year's event due to work commitments. Original total cost £206.86 Goodwood FoS Festival of Speed 2017...
  5. Eddy77

    Goodwood SoftTop Sunday

    My CLK 350 will be on display on 4th June this year....just got the email acceptance! One of the lesser convertibles on display but I am looking forward to showing it! Anyone going to be there?
  6. Alex225

    Goodwood - Supercar Sunday

    Evening all, I just wondered if anyone was planning to head to the Goodwood breakfast meet tomorrow morning? My other half and I are taking a trip down there in her SL so we'll keep an eye open for any other shiny Mercs :)
  7. Vintage Racer

    Goodwood Members Meeting - Live Stream....NOW! Full day's live coverage from Goodwood Members Meeting 2017 :bannana:
  8. WDB124066

    Goodwood Revival 2016 preview

    Getting top billing here... Goodwood Revival 2016 preview
  9. R

    Harwoods Goodwood day

    Further to my previous 'Opentrack' post, given it seems only the 4 of us listed here are going to that event, all these bubbling great 63 cars here within this forum, and only 4 of us going, it really does make me wonder what you big engined car guys are doing with your cars, probably overtaking...
  10. R

    'Opentrack' trackday at Goodwood 17/9/16

    Hi, just a heads up here, already sent this out to the hard core few I have contact with, that track their cars. 'Opentrack' have a Goodwood day on Saturday 17th September, I know 3 no. here booked, inc myself, possibly another 2 no. may book, should anyone else here be interested to this day...
  11. M

    Mercedes at Goodwood Festival of Speed - Video

  12. The _Don

    Free Goodwood Tickets

    Via Amg Pl Be quick !
  13. S

    AMG GT R to debut at Goodwood next month

    Here you go... Mercedes-AMG GT R: 570bhp sports car to make debut at Goodwood | Autocar
  14. MOR8A

    Lancia Motor Club at Goodwood today

    Thought I would just mention it, I'm going to pop along, not exactly perfect weather for it on more than one level. :o
  15. BIRMA

    Goodwood 74th MM on ITV4

    Just in case anyone is interested on Sunday at 6.15 ITV 4 are broadcasting parts of the meeting. For fans of a certain era of cars it was heaven, I've never been a fan of Goodwood events, too many posers and not enough racing for my likes compared to the Classic Lemans, but this event was for...
  16. BIRMA

    Mercedes at Goodwood

    These are a couple of photographs from the IWC stable at the 74th MM today. Both cars are pristine and look like they were finished a couple of days ago. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] This is what a V8 should sound like [/URL][/IMG]
  17. BIRMA

    SL65 Black Series at Goodwood Auction

    Just been looking through the Bonhams catalogue (as you do) for the Goodwood Members Meeting this weekend and the is a 3900 miles from new 09 reg SL65 up for auction price expected £190K + going to have to check it out.
  18. BIRMA

    Today at Goodwood MM practice

    Took a few snaps of this rather nice 230SL it has done a few worldwide events too. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  19. BIRMA

    Nice Black Series C63 at Goodwood today.

    The guy had just got a call saying the tracker company had been notified about it and it was dead, key not working, couldn't open boot nothing although when I left it had the boot and bonnet up. Lovely engine!
  20. Red C220

    Jaguar F-Pace preview day at Goodwood

    We got an invite to this event from jaguar last month, I’m not entirely sure why we were picked and I can only guess it was due to us registering our interest on the Jaaaaag website. Still we were interested as the specification of this car looks interesting. Well excuse the crappy...
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