1. brucemillar

    You gotta like this.
  2. Bigrichw

    Gotta love a CLS55

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  3. Darrell

    Gotta love a W202

    Way back in 2004 we bought our W202. It's long gone now but at the time my in laws were so impressed that they bought one as well. A 250 diesel in Elegance trim in silver. Last night we met up with them for the first time in 8 years (long story) and sitting outside the house was their car...
  4. Rashman

    Morning stiffy... gotta love 'em

  5. kalvin928

    another scam ebay.. gotta be

    2006 Mercedes E63 AMG Special Edition | eBay seller rating stats it all
  6. developer

    Gotta Love This Renting

    Just thought I'd share this which arrived by text tonight... "Sorry I must have called the wrong landlord. I am looking for a room to do massage work in. I'm a male" :eek::D.
  7. michaelk3289

    gotta love the description

    2000 MERCEDES CL500 AUTO SILVER | eBay
  8. R

    Things you've gotta do! ?

    Call it a mid life thing or a realising that life is finite thing but I've taken to doing some of the things I've always wanted to do! So without listing them all, things like seeing Manhattan Transfer live, driving a Mclaren, flying in a helicopter chasing a Spitfire....You get the idea. None...
  9. LTD

    Oi ***, you gotta get this fitted !!!!

  10. HughJarse

    Sometimes you just gotta do, what ya gotta do...

    BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | China bridge jumper 'gets a push'
  11. Gollom

    Just gotta share this!!!

    My son (Matthew) has just got gainful employment - as a Traffic Warden!! (do I need to leave MBclub now? :p ) I don't give a damm about peoples opinions re the position - my son needed a job so got off his butt and did something about it I am so proud of him (especially given the way things...
  12. M

    There's gotta be something wrong with this

    or have these really come down by so much?
  13. Howard

    Need new laptop gotta be Currys or PCWorld

    Hi gang , Managed to spill a glass of OJ into the laptop yesterday !! :o :crazy: Been onto my insurers , who are sending me vouchers to the tune of £379 , however , they have to be spent in PC World or Currys. Now , i haven't bought a laptop for 4 years , so any advice would be great...
  14. gina2201

    Gotta love the title.... What a fab headline!
  15. Gollom

    Gotta love Mobilo

    SRS warning light came on during drive to work so I called Mobilo at about 7:30 this morning. Spoke to Sue who said that it would be OK to drive to the nearest dealer. I said I was unhappy with that so she said no problem, we will recover the vehicle to the dealer of your choice (Preston - 60...
  16. M

    U've gotta larf aintya?

    Not an MB but a tad on the cheap side still click here for your latest ebay scam
  17. ROBB

    BigDog - U Gotta See This !!

    I thought this was amazing, it can carry 400lbs, walk on ice (ish) and do the long jump......... not bad for a robot..... enjoy
  18. GazCaff

    Gotta love those Rock Apes! Enjoy!
  19. Gollom

    15% off first service? Gotta be worth a look!

    Taken from the MB website here Are you the second owner of your Mercedes-Benz? If you missed out on the unique rich leathery smell of the new interior or didn’t have the pleasure of clocking up the first few miles, then we’d like to welcome you to Mercedes-Benz. We believe that any owner...
  20. F

    you gotta check this out!!!
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