1. markjay

    Painting over Gorilla Grab Adhesive?

    I used this...: (Gorilla Grab Adhesive) piece together a few broken concrete slabs in our back garden. This worked well, however the silicon is white and...
  2. GLK

    W245 Grab Handle Fixing Clips x2

    I need a pair of fixing clips for a roof grab handle from a W245. Apparently, the ones from W169 is different - yes the two models share engines, dashboards, almost everything else, but something as important as grab handle fixing clip got to be individually designed... :doh: Anyway, it's...
  3. mcevoyd

    2005 C220 passenger door grab handle broken

    Grab handle seems to have been grabbed a little too firmly and has come apart from door at the front end. Anybody know how to fix please?
  4. GLK

    Glasses Holder in place of a Roof Grab Handle - W240 Grey

    Bought myself a glasses holder, that installs in place of a driver's grab handle. Unfortunately, the mounting clips are different for the W204 and W169: So it is now for sale. New, grey, with nice soft rubber lining. Might fit other models, but is for W204. This is an aftermarket...
  5. Deane x

    Wooden grab handles

    MERCEDES S CLASS W220 SET OF GRAB HANDLES | eBay found these rare I think shame the cream ..I am looking for the same but in gray and the wooden drop down tabblets any one seen any for sale ?
  6. Pontoneer

    Quick - you could grab a bargain !

    Fangio's W196 is being auctioned this afternoon ! BBC News - Fangio's rare F1 Mercedes 'could fetch over £10m'
  7. clashcityrocker

    internal grab handles

    iam working my way through a couple of things i want to replace and the internal grab handles on driver and passenger sides are a bit scratched and untidy looking how easy are they to come off do i have to remove the door card any info much apppreciated
  8. WDB124066

    Grab a Tea, Coffee or Whatever Takes Your Fancy....

    ...and take some time out to enjoy this! Racing In Slow Motion IV - YouTube
  9. M

    grab some tissues!!!

    Mercedes SL500 immaculate condition***NO RUST*** For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C373755] what a peach,someone get this bought.........
  10. zenman63

    Interior led ?? in the vito grab handles.

    Hi, just finish fitting and wiring 4 grab handles in the vito. 2 x rear wired from the interior light at the back, and the fronts, fitted both sides from the front interior light, all work as they should and fade out as they should, all good there. Question is the light is not clean and...
  11. AANDYY

    You tube video 'grab' software

    Can anybody recommend free software for keeping Youtube or similar video. I thank you :).
  12. J

    Grab a classic, anyone interested?

    Classic cars discovered in barn - East Anglian Daily Times Anyone still got any spare cash?

    CHEAP TYRES. grab them quick as i dont have a lot of sets

    Have managed to come across some cheap tyres. All Nankangs with directional Contact sport tread pattern. Just a few prices here 195/45/15 ns2 V rating £40 each 195/45/16 ns2 V rating £45 each 205/40/17 ns2 V rating £50 each 225/40/18 ns2 w rating £60 each Any other sizes needed please...
  14. H

    w163 ML grab handle

    Does anyone know if it's possible to fit a grab handle (on inside) to the nearside front windscreen/door pillar, as the wife is having trouble getting in, but the ML is ideal for me, with my unstable right hip, the surgeon said get a car you you get up into and not down into, But someone said be...
  15. d w124

    Would someone grab this?

    1998 MERCEDES CLK 320 BRABUS AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 16-Jul-09 13:52:40 BST)
  16. C

    My door grab handle is coming loose I think.

    Evening all, Right my w203 is falling to bits it seems after 24k! I closed the door and I noticed that the door grab handle seems loose at the top part (coming a bit away from the door) I don't think it's broken so is there a way of tightening it back? I really don't believe this, it's such...
  17. robert.saunders

    traffic police shift - aka holding on to grab handle with sweaty palms

    I thought I’d post some ramblings on here about my shift with traffic police yesterday (1300-2300 shift). I’ll try and keep it informative but not too specific for obvious reasons. Arrived at 1300, had a brief hello with the people I didn’t already know, and we had a quick look at cars...
  18. A

    freeby comand Manual, pdf,Grab one now

    Anyone who is intrested in downloading the comand manual in pdf format..feel free to do so..i'll leave it on site for a about a month Ain't life grand when you know your stuffing an ebay rip-off merchant.
  19. Howard

    Screen Grab ?

    Hi gang ... Quickie ... Can i grab a word document and save it as a JPEG so as i can link it as a picture ? I can't work it out ...
  20. pluggers

    Grab a bargain

    Just got today 40 cans of carling black label for £16 at my local somerfield store :rock: :rock: Its time to party ****hick****
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