1. mcshadders

    Up for grabs

    Emigrating so 2010 60 C250 CGI estate must go offers around £15k full details on eBay or 07799417384 Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. trapperjohn

    190/124 Steel Wheels. Up for grabs.

    Looking for something to wrap your winter rubber round. Fiver each for 15 inch steel wheels. Set of four available, come get them in Sunny Lancashire.
  3. P

    Vito halfway bulkhead up for grabs

    Morning chaps. I am going to be removing the halfway bulkhead from my dualiner as I will be fitting a bed. It's a steel bulkhead and full height. I have no idea if its a genuine merc part or aftermarket part but it fits really well and dosnt squeak or rattle. I am open to offers if anyone is...
  4. tpwuk

    Got a couple of these up for grabs.....

    HP Palm Pre Pre 2 Black (Unlocked) Smartphone | eBay UK These are great phones. I use one and can't fault it. Proper buttons on it too, unlike the iPhone!
  5. Timster

    Up for grabs: Breaking Complete 124 Estate '87 (MB Tex interior)

    Hi Folks. The Red 124 Estate has lost it's battle with Rust and the MOT man after 198,500 miles - very sad, I was hoping to cross the 200,000 mark before retiring her but it wasn't to be. As of yesterday the car is declared SORN and is parked on a friends spare bit of land. I can keep it...
  6. bennesspipers

    Fintails up for grabs !

    On E-Bay, listing number 200390613698 is a part restored fintail, with another one for spares, wish i was richer !:mad:
  7. Rashman

    AMG rims up for grabs

    Hi guys. When I got my 63, it came with 18" AMG light weight alloys. Unfortunately, I felt that they were alittle too small for the car. I therefore put my old 19" rims on it. So, I have these AMG rims knocking around indoors. They are on Pirelli P-Zero's and have plenty of tread on...
  8. MangoMan

    Up For Grabs........

    Up No....
  9. SEM

    Web Site Screen Grabs

    Anyone know if there is any software that can grab a whole web page with out having to print screen,scroll do it again, and stitch them together?? Thanks Steve
  10. Madferrit

    Free O2 Sims..up for grabs

    This is definately worth signing up for.. :D link --->> Free O2 sims (maximum 6). For a tenner a month you can get 300 text messages, or 100 picture messages. Can't go wrong with that! :bannana: Last day today (Tuesday) :rolleyes:
  11. W

    New Wheels! Cheap Tyres! Old Ones Up For Grabs!

    I am pleased to say that I have now sourced a matched set of 18" AMG Monoblocks for my 1997 C230K Sport! :D They are: 18" 8J ET31 front, running 225/40/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 Tyres 18" 9J ET35 rear, running 255/35/18 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 Tyres After about an hour on the phone...
  12. M

    Two Goodwood Tickets up for grabs

    I have two Goodwood tickets up for grabs if anyone wants them for Sunday. First come first served. Please PM me if any of you are interested. Shame to let them go to waste.
  13. Koolvin

    CD holder up for grabs...

    50 P&P
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