1. S

    SL500 (2003, R230): Alarming suspension noise

    My SL500 (R230) - the one with the nightmare ABC suspension - has suddenly developed an alarmingly loud, metallic scraping/grating noise from the rear end. First of all, I thought it must be an exhaust component adrift, but a (very limited) inspection of the underside revealed nothing loose...
  2. Jim123

    W123:grating noise coming from the coils?

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. My car is quite low mileage but it has been in storage for a number of years and barely used. Amongst the problems I am trying to sort out is a ‘raunching/grating noise which comes from the coils (I think) when either stopping sharply or going over a...
  3. K

    SL400 2016 Sport+ Mode - Grating noise and smoke

    Maybe someone has had a similar problem. Relates to 2016, May, SL400 – 8,000 miles on clock. I have had the car for last 4 weeks. Have experienced the following problem yesterday and today. Yesterday, whilst doing a hard acceleration in sport+ mode had a momentary grating sound (I liken...
  4. B

    SEC Grating noise at rear when cornering

    Hi this is my first posting on this forum. My car is a 560 SEC 1989. I’ve owned the car for a few months now and I am working my way through the problems it has. The problem I need advice on is: When turning right on a roundabout, bend or junction a grating noise can be heard coming from the...
  5. stwat

    Horrible grinding grating noise

    I parked up at a local shop and left the car on full lock to the left. When i re started the car and selected reverse i got a very nasty grating grinding noise and the car seemed to judder a little At first i thought it was from the gearbox but when i leant forward it sounded more like it was...
  6. T

    Normal grating noise on C200k

    Dear All I have a 2002 C200k SE auto elegance sal with Xenons. I have been complaining of a loud grating noise that can be heard from within the car, only present when the engine and weather is cold. The grating noise is like pulling a shower hose through a metal ring - a rachet grating...
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