1. nickjonesn4

    Gratuitous Sunday morning Car Pic

    Just moved to Edinburgh and visited highly recommended hand car wash on Leith - Bubbles - not cheap but good products used and car looking pretty damn good for 11 years old I reckon. Defintiely keeping it 100% standard looking I've decided despite the 672lb ft of torque now lurking under the...
  2. J

    Gratuitous AMG engine & interior shots

    For those that asked !
  3. S

    Gratuitous C43 Burnout

    Found a nice C43 vid while surfing youtube... Not safe for kids or the politically correct (one mild expletive used and lots of rubber burnt) Belong to anyone on here I wonder?
  4. R

    Gratuitous Autumn Photos

    It had been my intention to take my car, when it was clean, to a country park and get some decent photos. Those of you who have a long memory know that I'm into photography and have had some good results from time to time. The following photos aren't mine they were taken by my 10 year old on his...
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