1. Gollom

    Tonights Top Gear - Spot Grav!

    So who is going to be the first to spot him? :dk:
  2. Ian B Walker

    For Grav

    Just recieved this awesome vid of Gravs mod. I hope it plays here, never done a vid before so apologies if it doesnt work. BTW its Mp4 format. HERE
  3. GrahamC230K

    One for Grav.........

    Grav, This might cheer you up mate. I was following a lorry yesterday, the rear of which was very dirty. In very large writng, someone had fairly carefully written: "If you think I am driving well, ... ... ... ... ... Please phone my wife as she worries!" Along with a...
  4. pluggers

    Happy Birthday Grav

    Happy Birthday Graeme, have a good time and dont get too pi**ed will you he he :bannana: :bannana:
  5. BaldGuy

    FAO... Pluggers,Alps,Jimmy,Grav,Simon and Kinky

    Firstly sorry for the group post, I hope you guys don't mind....Ok guys I have you lined up for these bits.... Pluggers - Phone Console Alps - CD Changer / Pump Jimmy - Grill (Paid Thanks) Grav888 - Pump Simon - CD Holder (Paid Thanks) Kinky - Pedals (Will meet up) Pluggers,Alps and...
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