1. R

    ...and Happy Birthday GRAV888

    Happy Birthday, couldn't have you feeling left out.:)
  2. NW_Merc

    Grav888's E55

    Mercedes : Facelift 1999 MERCEDES E55 AMG 354 BHP SUPER CAR
  3. d w124

    Happy Birthday GRAV888

    Many Happy returns :)
  4. BlackC55

    BIG thanks to Grav888

    Thanks again Grav:thumb: Wicked day at TG:rock:
  5. S

    to GRAV888

    HI THERE THANKS A MILLION FOR SENDING A MESSAGE ON MY BEHALF TO MAGGOT.UNFORTUNATELY THE WHEELS TURNED OUT TO BE REPLICAS & NOT AMG's. Am adding you on my contact list.would you be kind enough to let me know if you do come across 18" amg alloys -----the ones which came on w210 E55AMG( i think...
  6. M

    Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but today is GRAV888's

    Have a good day! I know I don't you in person, but what they hey! :bannana: :bannana: Darren
  7. pammy

    Slightly early birthday wish for GRAV888

    Have a wonderfull birthday on Tuesday 11th December honey :D And remember - I love you too ;) (and am happy to be 230 miles away) :D Thought everyone would like to see you in your party outfit practising your moves :devil: :devil: :devil:
  8. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to GRAV888

    Have a good day mate :bannana:
  9. Howard

    Happy Birthday Grav888 !!!

    Happy Birthday Dude !!! Hope you have a good one ....... :bannana:
  10. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday to GRAV888

    Happy Birthday mate!! :bannana: Have a great time this weekend :D P.S. You're looking extremely well preserved for 69 :eek: :p S.
  11. S

    Grav888 You owe me

    Hi Graeme, You haven't replied my last PM. What's up?
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