1. S

    Has anyone found the right grease for Slider pins with rubber bushes?

    Most seem to be "fake" silicone as the carrier is mineral oil based!! So no good for Brake Calliper Slider or Guide pin's rubber bushes. Or others have a Lithium base .... which some say is mineral oil based with added Lithium to make it more slippery. Ideally something that is sold in sub...
  2. C

    MB Diesel Injector installation Grease 50G A001989425110

    Mercedes-Benz CDI Engines Injector Grease 50G tub - A001989425110 Un-opened - RRP is approx. £20 This is grease to use when re-installing diesel injectors. I have several tubs available - £12 posted. Please email me at: [email protected]
  3. S

    Removing cooking oil / grease from carpets

    My son used to work at McDonalds and as such spent the shift walking through grease and all sorts of bits and bobs dropped on the floor. I'd then give him a lift home and those manky greasy shoes would go onto the passenger footwell carpet as well as the protective floor mat. Any...
  4. Bigdw

    W221 grease for parking brake gearbox

    Just stripped the parking brake motor gearbox on my w221 anyone recommend the type of grease for the plastic gears, silicon grease looks like it is generally good for use on plastic gears, can anyone confirm this, thanks
  5. B

    Sunroof track clean and grease

    Hi what grease is recommended to lube up the sunroof tracks? Thanks
  6. brucemillar

    W124 300te 4-Matic Grease points?

    Folks Does anybody have a diagram/picture of the underbody/drivetrain grease points on W124 300te 4-Matic please? Also any pointers to any specific grease that can be used or should not be used. Thank you. Bruce
  7. T5R+

    Grease, oil, lube .......bits

    Need to clean and "lubricant" my sunroof bonnet/boot hinges and catch door hinges and catches fold in/out mirrors (as they squeek) can you recommend items please. Due to pick up service parts from MB tomorrow so if MB prodcuts let me know what they call them. PS 5l oil is currently...
  8. J

    Does he look like a bitch?

    The title says it all!
  9. Charles Morgan

    Removing grease on carpet

    I started cleaning the interior of my SM (nice blowy day to dry it). The nearside rear carpet has grease marks from the fateful day when the disc brakes exploded taking out the drive shaft and gearbox and I (distractedly) put the remains in the back. After cleaning with Autoglym interior...
  10. Bellow

    Grease compatibility.

    NOTE to MODS. I wanted to post this in Projects but I am denied access. Will you move to their please? A poorly understood subject frequently over looked is grease compatibility – and with potentially very bad outcomes. The compatibility of one grease with another is by no means a given...
  11. T

    Copper Grease

    Hi, Am I right in thinking you shouldn't put copper grease on wheel bolts.
  12. Sp!ke

    Grease Junkie Garage (Ed China)

    I found out today that Ed China's garage is a normal working garage that does everyday MOT's and servicing in Bracknell. If anyone's interested - here's his website. Grease Junkie by Edd China | Garage
  13. D

    2 grease guns

    i have these 2 grease guns for sale both brand new boxed 1 Wesco 500cc Grease Gun 1 wesco single handed grease gun 2 high pressure flexible hose £8 each pick up from southeast london and i have wesco push grease gun for £4 each i have 3
  14. Twistedmind

    Axel grease

    I all. Just searching for a good axel grease Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  15. 1945wickedred

    White lithium grease spray,excellent.

    Hi,just took delivery of a can of white lithium grease spray from Amazon,had a stiff and creaking boot lid,not anymore,this stuff is pretty good and for less than six pounds it was well worth it to cure the problem,highly recommended.So if you have any noisy or dry hinges this is the stuff.:bannana:
  16. G

    Where to put dielectric grease on spark plugs? How to clean plug chamber...

    Hey guys, I'm replacing the spark plugs on my '99 C230K today with some NGKs. I know that i'm suppose to a tiny bit of anti-seize on the threads, but I also read on the American forums that I'm suppose to "clean up" the inside of the spark plug chamber with a little bit of dielectric grease...
  17. P

    Genuine Mercedes Benz grease in small (affordable) tubs

    Hi guys, selling some Gliebtpaste which is surplus Split into small tubs to make it affordable and ideal for keeping your sunroof in good order (we all know how hard they can be to fix if they dont work properly!) Mercedes Benz Glietpaste 60g A 001 989 46 51 BRAND NEW FAST UK POSTAGE | eBay
  18. poormansporsche

    Carat 3.6 is a grease covered GOD at engine conversions ......

    Alright peeps, as most people are aware Carat 3.6 (Simon) just appeared out of nowhere a year ago and quickly dawned on us that he is mad as a bag of spanners ! But he does actually do some work and I got him to do a 3.2 M104 engine transplant into my 2.6 M103 190. So just a thank you...
  19. S

    Ceramic Grease

    Hi All I need to do a resealing job on and injector. I will need a bit of Ceramic Grease but loathed to buy 50g for just the one job. Has anyone got any to spare? Many thanks Steve
  20. M

    Copper grease

    Pads need changing on my 211. Will this grease be ok for the rear of the pads or does it need to be the MB stuff? Read somewhere it needs to be poly or moly or something? :dk:
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