1. S

    Greasy residue from air vents post AC service

    I used my local Halfords service centre to do an MOT in March 17, and decided to use them to do an aircon service inc a deodorising treatment My local dealer wanted £125 plus vat, whereas halfords wanted £60inc. I have never had an AC service on any of the cars I have driven over the last...
  2. gaz_l

    Got my greasy mitts on a C63..

    Greetings, citizens. Friend of mine owns a C63, I had a (brief) drive yesterday.. and what a piece of kit it is! My old C43 was a quick car, but this is on a different level.. but then it is 3 generations on and has some 50% more power. :) It's a bunny to drive around town if you are gentle...
  3. S

    Greasy armrest/headrests

    Hey all, Just bought a W124 1994 saloon, great car, but the headrests and the front armrest seem to be very greasy. Is there a way to clean this myself, can anyone recommend cleaner/shampoo etc that wont damage the cloth fabric? Would hot water damage it? Thanks in advance. Seanie
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